ROUNDUP: Pioneers handle Cowboys, Jaguars in league meet

Canyon Springs’ wrestling team used a combined 10 pins to pick up two home victories Thursday.
The Pioneers routed Chaparral, 66-18 and took down Desert Pines, 57-24.
Samuel Madrid (140 pounds) had a pair of pins for the Pioneers.
Also Thursday, the Jaguars won three matches by pin on their way to a 50-12 victory over the Cowboys.

Western claims dual meet wins
At Western, the host Warriors rolled to wins over Clark (46-27) and Durango (42-36).

The Chargers also claimed six pins a 68-18 rout of the Trailblazers.
Canyon Springs 66, Chaparral 18
103—Garin, CS, won by forfeit. 112—Morgan, CS, won by forfeit. 119—Klutts, CS, won by forfeit. 125—Reyes, CS, won by forfeit. 130—Montoya, CS, won by forfeit. 135—Castillo, CS, p. Bida, 0:49. 140—Madrid, CS, p. Clark, 4:50. 145—Pinonix, Chap, p. Santacruz, 0:35. 152—Rios, CS, p. Nabulah, 0:30. 160—Dungey, CS, won by forfeit. 171—Seleazan, Chap, p. Carson, 5:00. 189—Teleaga, CS, won by forfeit. 215—Borja, Chap, won by forfeit. 285—Martinez, CS, p. Young, 1:11.
Canyon Springs 57, Desert Pines 24
103—Garin, CS, won by forfeit. 112—Morgan, CS, p. Mercado, 2nd period. 119—Klutts, CS, d. Holmes, 8-6. 125—Reyes, CS, p. Bowler, 3:02. 130—Montoya, CS, p. Saldivar, 1:25. 135—Castillo, CS, won by forfeit. 140—Madrid, CS, p. Fleming, 2:45. 145—Yagao, DP, p. Santacruz, 1:19. 152—Rios, CS, won by forfeit. 160—Seals, DP, p. Dungey, 5:40. 171—Garcia, DP, p. Carson, 0:26. 189—Teleaga, CS, p. HInton, 4:40. 215—Jackson, DP, won by forfeit. 285—Martinez, CS, p. Tolliver, 1:18.
Clark 68, Durango 18
103—Espinoza, C, d. Gallegos, 17-2. 112—Johnson, C, won by forfeit. 119—Gullick, C, p. Freeman, 1:38. 125—Chiara, C, p. Harbinson, 1:20. 130—Moncravie, C, d. Canales, 22-18. 135—Ousley, C, won by forfeit. 140—McMahill, C, p. Nitta, 3:00. 145—Calleja, C, won by forfeit. 152—Clark, C, p. Hosseini, 2:20. 160—Mora, D, won by forfeit. 171—Bond, C, p. Ramirez, 3:15. 189—Cordero, D, p. Seligman, 4:40. 215—Reynoso, C, won by forfeit. 285—Holmstrom, C, p. Underhill, 3:38.
Desert Pines 50, Chaparral 12
103—Double forfeit. 112—Mercado, DP, won by forfeit. 119—Holmes, DP, won by forfeit. 125—Bowler, DP, d. Richie, 21-6. 130—Saldivar, DP, won by forfeit. 135—Bida, Chap, won by forfeit. 140—Clark, Chap, d. Fleming, 8-7. 145—Yagao, DP, d. Pinonix, 13-6. 152—Seals, DP, p. Abdulah, 1:04. 160—Double forfeit. 171—Garcia, DP, p. Seleazan, 0:46. 189—Hinton, DP, won by forfeit. 215—Borja, Chap, d. Jackson, 19-12. 285—Tolliver, DP, p. Young, 3:00.
Western 46, Clark 27
103—Espinoza, C, won by forfeit. 112—Seglin, W, d. Johnson, 11-5. 119—Bogarin, W, d. Gullick, 10-2. 125—Chiara, d. Hooker, 6-5. 130—Hollinquest, W, p. Moncravie, 2:45. 135—Hansen, W, p. Ousley, 1:03. 140—McMahill, C, p. Adams, 5:08. 145—Doss, W, Calleja, 1:14. 152—Vasquez, W, p. Clark, 3:47. 160—Lojero, W, won by forfeit. 171—Tovar, W, d. Bond, 10-7. 189—Vaughan, W, p. Selgiman, 2:50. 215—Reynoso, C, p. Lopez, 0:17. 285—Holmstrom, C, p. Ortiz, 5:26.
Western 42, Durango 36
103—Gallegos, D, p. Vasquez, 1:27. 112—Seglin, W, won by forfeit. 119—Freeman, D, d. Bogarin, 5-4. 125—Harbinson, D, p. Hooker, 0:22. 130—Canates, D, d. Hollinquest, 7-3. 135—Hansen, W, won by forfeit. 140—Nitta, D, p. Adams, 1:00. 145—Doss, W, won by forfeit. 152—Vasquez, W, p. Hosseini, 3:12. 160—Vaughan, W, p. Mora, 2:20. 171—Tovar, W, won by forfeit. 189—Cordero, D, won by forfeit. 215—Lopez, W, won by forfeit. 285—Underhill, D, p. Ortiz, 1:02.