ROUNDUP: Pair of falls from Martinez, Montoya lead Pioneers past Miners, Vikings

Daniel Martinez collected two pins at 125 pounds, and teammate Pedro Montoya had a pair of falls at 130 to lead host Canyon Springs’ wrestling team to a 53-24 win over Sunrise Mountain and a 59-21 win over Valley on Wednesday.

Roosevelt Smith (145) also won two contested matches for the Pioneers.

Sunrise Mountain was a 51-30 winner over Valley.

Basic tops Liberty, Del Sol
At Liberty, Vincent Segura (125) and Cameron Kofford (160) each won two matches by pin to lead the Wolves to wins over the Patriots and Del Sol.

Francisco Bettencourt (140), Kevin Beck (145) and Ron Pretasky (215) each earned a pair of victories for Basic, which beat Liberty, 42-31 and topped Del Sol, 60-10.

Liberty defeated Del Sol, 60-19 in the other match.

Liberty’s Anthony Terrell (152) won by pin in both of his matches.

Trio leads Cimarron-Memorial to pair of victories
At Cimarron, Bronson Ashjian (112), Chris Colwell (125) and Robert Poole (189) won two matches apiece to lead the host Spartans to a pair of victories.

Cimarron defeated Faith Lutheran, 70-8 and edged Palo Verde, 38-30. Poole earned a first-period pin in each meet.

Palo Verde downed Faith Lutheran 66-15, in the other dual.

Faith Lutheran’s Pierce Holtfreter (135) won both his matches.

Eldorado tops Desert Pines, Rancho
At Rancho, Eldorado took a victory over Desert Pines, 42-35 and Rancho, 48-24.

The Sundevils had five wrestlers win two matches apiece, including Collin Abbott (130) twice by pin.

Desert Pines beat Rancho, 51-30 in the other dual.

Jose Mercado (112), Ramon Verduzco (119), Jeff Fleming (140) and DeAndre Seals (152) each won two matches for the Jaguars.

Green Valley tops Silverado, Coronado
At Green Valley, the Gators won all but two matches and cruised past Silverado, 67-9.

Jared Brathor (103), Zachary Perry (125), Demetri Church (135), Stephen Berta (140), Ryder

Newman (145), James Byrne (152), Brandon Paiti (171) and Nathan Thomas (215) each recorded a pin for the Gators.

Green Valley followed with a 54-18 win over Coronado. Brathor, Perry, Church, Berta, Newman and Thomas recorded pins in that meet.

Coronado won five matches by pin in a 57-18 win over Silverado.

Basic 42, Liberty 31
103—Gomez, Bas, p. Boccadoro, 0:44. 112—Lorenzo-Ragasa, Lib, p. Thompson, 0:32. 119—Peterson, Lib, won by forfeit. 125—Segura, Bas, p. Balden, 2:40. 130—Kaulili, Lib, d. Sepe, 13-3. 135—Kuveke, Bas, p. Watanabe, 4:21. 140—Bettencourt, Bas, d. Wilson, 5-4. 145—Beck, Bas, p. Hopfer, 3:10. 152—Terrell, Lib, p. Gutierrez, 3:21. 160—Kofford, Bas, p. Koryakos, 3:08. 171—Reveles, Lib, d. Smith, 11-5. 189—Hill-Hale, Lib, p. Lee, 1:50. 215—Pretasky, Bas, d. Cisneros, 3-1. 285—Miller, Bas, won by forfeit.
Basic 60, Del Sol 10
103—Gomez, Bas, won by forfeit. 112—Brisby, DS, p. Thompson, 1:31. 119—no contest. 125—Segura, Bas, p. Pacheco, 4:32. 130—Sepe, Bas, p. Barrios, 3:10. 135—Kuveke, Bas, won by forfeit. 140—Bettencourt, Bas, p. Nungaray, 3:51. 145—Beck, Bas, d. Rico, 5-4. 152—Cano-Reyes, DS, d. Gutierrez, 20-10. 160—Kofford, Bas, p. Manzo, 1:06. 171—Smith, Bas, d. Untalan, 14-7. 189—Lee, Bas, won by forfeit. 215—Pretasky, Bas, p. Ortiz, 5:23. 285—Miller, Bas, p. Rutterbush, 1:46.
Canyon Springs 53, Sunrise Mountain 24
103—Guizar, SM, p. Ascencio, 0:20. 112—Garin, CS, d. Enriquez, 18-8. 119—H. Hernandez, CS, p. Garcia, 0:29. 125—Martinez, CS, p. Kimbrough, 2:55. 130—Montoya, CS, p. Turiette, 4:24. 135—Castillo, CS, p. Delgado, 4:27. 140—Alcala, CS, d. Callaway, 15-0. 145—Smith, CS, d. Pelaya, 16-0. 152—Worthen, CS, p. Replinger, 3:34. 160—Carson, CS, d. Rosque, 14-7. 171—E. Hernandez, CS, p. Swift, 0:30. 189—Portel, SM, won by forfeit. 215—Bison, SM, p. Veloz, 3:21. 285—Cogmal, SM, p. Lewis, 0:40.
Canyon Springs 59, Valley 21
103—Tackett, Val, p. Ascencio, 0:40. 112—Garin, CS, won by forfeit. 119—H. Hernandez, CS, won by forfeit. 125—Martinez, CS, p. Abraham, 3:38. 130—Montoya, CS, p. West, 4:59. 135—Castillo, CS, won by forfeit. 140—Alcala, CS, won by forfeit. 145—Smith, CS, d. Davis, 10-8. 152—Worthen, CS, won by forfeit. 160—Malik, Val, p. Carson, 5:35. 171—Garcia, Val, d. E. Hernandez, 13-12. 189—Ramirez, Val, won by forfeit. 215—Veloz, CS, won by forfeit. 285—Lewis, CS, won by forfeit.
Cimarron-Memorial 70, Faith Lutheran 8
103—Lattana, CM, won by forfeit. 112—Ashjian, CM, p Dolby, second period. 119—Avelar, CM, won by forfeit. 125—Colwell, CM d. D.Dolby, 13-4. 130—Jackson, CM, won by forfiet. 135—Holtfreter, FL, d. Madrid, 17-2. 140—Delany, FL, d. Tutino, 10-5. 145—Garrison, CM, won by forfeit. 152—C. Bernandino, CM, won by forfeit. 160—M. Bernadino, CM, won by forfeit. 171—Beaman, CM, won by forfeit. 189—Poole, CM, p. Defrank, first period. 215—Myers, CM, p. Mietzner, first period. 285—Sinward, CM, won by forfeit.
Cimarron-Memorial 38, Palo Verde 30
103—Lattana, CM, d. Strobek, 23-7. 112—Ashjian, CM, d. Hart, 1-0. 119—Costa, PV, p. Avelar, second period. 125—Colwell, CM, d. Hammontree, 12-11. 130—Buckhannon, PV, d. Jackson, 8-3. 135—Leet, PV, p. Madrid, second period. 140—Educate, PV, p. Tutino, first period. 145—C. Bernadino, CM d. Garcia, 6-5. 152—Urista, PV, d. M. Bernadino, 6-4. 160—Beaman, CM, p. Turner, third period. 171—Judd, PV, p. Calvillo, first period. 189—Poole, CM, p. Ratliff, first period. 215—Myers, CM, won by forfeit. 285—Sinyard, CM, p. Mason, first period.
Coronado 57, Silverado 18
103—Bishop, Sil, p. Thomas, 0:20. 112—Miller, Cor, won by forfeit. 119—Brown, Cor, d. Bowman, 5-4. 125—J. Thomas, Cor, p. Field, 1:41. 130—Suey, Sil, p. Marquez, 1:44. 135—Goldstein, Cor, d. Moneo, 8-3. 140—Ito, Cor, won by forfeit. 145—Gronstrom, Cor, p. Hernandez, 3:00. 152—Aguinaga, Cor, p. Jamero, 0:44. 160—Gale, Cor, won by fofeit. 171—P. Thomas, Cor, p. Paplia, 0:27. 189—Harding, Cor, p. Foland, 0:32. 215—Larsen, Cor, d. Pfriender, 2-1. 285—Bohman, Sil, p. Nielson, 0:56.
Desert Pines 51, Rancho 30
103—Praslin, DP, p. Farnsworth, 3:56. 112—Mercado, DP, p. Ziragoza, 3:37. 119—Verduzco, DP, p. Zepeda, 1:08. 125—Cabanlet, DP, d. Mesa, 11-10. 130—Garcia, DP, p. Ebiya, 2:41. 135—Bowler, DP, won by forfeit. 140—Fleming, DP, p. Hurtado, 0:45. 145—Heki, DP, p. Garcia, 5:38. 152—Seals, DP, p. Flores, OT. 160—Kay, Ran, won by forfeit. 171—Horton, Ran, won by forfeit. 189—Ambriz, Ran, won by forfeit. 215—Bikle, Ran, p. Tolliver, 1:50. 285—Gomez, Ran, p. Cisneros, 5:03.
Eldorado 42, Desert Pines 35
103—Perez, Eld, d. Praslin, 11-9. 112—Mercado, DP, p. Silvey, second period. 119—Verduzco, DP, p. Reyes, second period. 125—Henry, Eld, p. Cabanlet, second period. 130—Abbott, Eld, p. Garcia, third period. 135—Price, Eld, p. Bowler, first period. 140—Fleming, DP, p. Ferstler, first period. 145—Brewer, Eld, d. Heki, 10-6. 152—Seals, DP, d. Harris, 17-2. 160—Hatefi, Eld, won by forfeit. 171—Benites, Eld, won by forfeit. 189—Patterson, Eld, won by forfeit. 215—Tolliver, DP, p. Sotelo, first period. 285—Cisneros, DP, p. Rodriguez, first period.
Eldorado 48, Rancho 24
103—Perez, Eld, p. Farnsworth, 5:25. 112—Silvey, Eld, p. Ziragoza, second period. 119—Wright, Eld, d. Zepeda, 12-9. 125—Henry, Eld, p. Mesa, 2:54. 130—Abbott, Eld, p. Ebiya, 1:50. 135—Lazos, Eld, won by forfeit. 140—Price, Eld, d. Hurtado, 12-4. 145—Brewer, Eld, p. Garcia, 3:26. 152—Flores, Ran, p. Harris, 1:20. 160—Hatefi, Eld, d. Kay, 6-3. 171—Horton, Ran, p. Benites, 3:06. 189—Sotelo, Eld, d. Ambriz, 12-4. 215—Bikle, Ran, won by forfeit. 285—Gomez, Ran, won by forfeit.
Green Valley 67, Silverado 9
103—J. Brathor, GV, p. Bishop, 5:10. 112—C. Brathor, GV, won by forfeit. 119—Watson, GV, d. Bowman, 13-2. 125—Perry, GV, p. Field, 0:39. 130—Razo, GV, d. Suey, 4-1. 135—Church, GV, p. Moneo, 1:58. 140—Berta, GV, p. Thomson, 1:51. 145—Newman, GV, p. Hernandez, 0:50. 152—Byrne, GV, p. Jamero, 0:58. 160—Bernstein, GV, won by forfeit. 171—Paiti, GV, p. Papila, 1:10. 189—Foland, Sil, d. Alberts, 7-5. 215—Thomas, GV, p. Pfriender, 3:21. 285—Bohman, Sil, p. Gross, 1:16.
Green Valley 54, Coronado 18
103—J. Brathor, GV, p. Thomas, 0:29. 112—C. Brathor, GV, p. Miller, 0:57. 119—Watson, GV, d. Brown, 11-3. 125—Perry, GV, p. Thomas, 3:53. 130—Razo, GV, d. Marquez, 13-2. 135—Church, GV, p. Goldstein, 3:07. 140—Berta, GV, p. Ito, 3:52. 145—Newman, GV, p. Keahi, 1:40. 152—Byrne, GV, d. Aquinaga, 13-2. 160—Gale, Cor, d. Bernstein, 8-7. 171—Thomas, Cor, p. Paiti, 0:32. 189—Harding, Cor, d. Alberts, 9-3. 215—Thomas, GV, p. Larson, 3:20. 285—Nielson, Cor, p. Gross, 2:58.
Liberty 60, Del Sol 19
103—Boccadoro, Lib, won by forfeit. 112—Brisby, DS, p. Lorenzo-Ragasa. 119—Peterson, Lib, won by forfeit. 125—Pacheco, DS, d. Balden, 14-4. 130—Kaulili, Lib, p. Barrios, 3:26. 135—Watanabe, Lib, won by forfeit. 140—Wilson, Lib, p. Nungaray, 1:18. 145—Rico, DS, d. Hopfer, 6-4. 152—Terrell, Lib, p.Cano-Reyes, 3:51. 160—Koryakos, Lib, p. Manzo, 2:27. 171—Reveles, Lib, p. Untalan, 3:39. 189—Hill-Hale, Lib, won by forfeit. 215—Cisneros, Lib, p. Ortiz, 2:57. 285—Rutterbush, DS, won by forfeit.
Palo Verde 66, Faith Lutheran 15
103—Strobeck, PV, won by forfeit. 112—Hart, PV, p. Dolby, second period. 119—Costa, PV, won by forfeit. 125—D. Dolby, FL, d. Hammontree, 5-1. 130—Buckhannon, PV, won by forfeit. 135—Holtfreter, FL, d. Leet,  8-6. 140—Educate, PV, won by forfeit. 145—Garcia, PV, won by forfeit. 152—Urista, PV, won by forfeit. 160—Turner, PV, won by forfeit. 171—Judd, PV, won by forfeit. 189—Ratliff, PV p. Defrank, first period. 215—Mietzner, FL, won by forfeit. 285—Mason, PV, won by forfeit.
Sunrise Mountain 51, Valley 30
103—Tackett, Val, p. Guizar, 0:57. 112—Enriquez, SM, won by forfeit. 119—Garcia, SM, won by forfeit. 125—Abraham, Val, p. Kimbrough, 1:36. 130—West, Val, p. Turiette, 3:23. 135—Callaway, SM, won by forfeit. 140—Delgado, SM, won by forfeit. 145—Pelaya, CS, d. Davis, 7-4. 152—Replinger, SM, won by forfeit. 160—Malik, Val, p. Rosque, 1:48. 171—Garcia, Val, p. Owens, 3:34. 189—Portel, SM, p. Ramirez, 0:55. 215—Bison, SM, won by forfeit. 285—Cogmal, SM, won by forfeit.