ROUNDUP: Moapa Valley nets three dual wins at Indian Springs

Erving Torres picked up three pins at 125 pounds Wednesday to lead Moapa Valley’s wrestling team to a 3-0 finish in a quadrangular meet at Indian Springs.

The Pirates defeated the host Thunderbirds, 54-24, and got a 78-6 win over Spring Mountain and a 60-18 win over Beaver Dam (Ariz.).

Zach Baldwin (103), Parker Chappell (160) and Ben Rebman (171) all finished 3-0 with one pin for Moapa Valley.

Indian Springs collected wins of 42-36 against Spring Mountain, and 42-24 against Beaver Dam.

Mason Hamlin (135) and Dakota Sargent (140) were 3-0 with three pins apiece for the Thunderbirds.

Centennial collects two close wins
At Centennial, 215-pounder Lawrence Easley’s pin in the final contested match against Las Vegas allowed the Bulldogs to complete a sweep of two dual meets.
The Bulldogs were 37-34 winners over the Wildcats and 38-36 victors against Bonanza.
Easley collected a pin in 5:00, and the Bulldogs were winners by forfeit at 285 to rally from a 34-25 deficit against the Wildcats.
Alec Gonzalez (103) and Brady Howell (130) also won by pin against Las Vegas, and Weston Schneider (145) collected a 5-4 win after four overtimes.
Against the Bengals, Gonzalez’s fall in the penultimate match secured the win. Easley (215) and Howell (130) also won by pin.
Bonanza was a 32-30 winner over the Wildcats as William Orchard (103) collected a pin in the final match to push the Bengals over the top.

Laughlin splits with River Valley
At Laughlin, Juquan Lakes’ four-second pin at 285 pounds highlighted Laughlin’s 36-15 victory over River Valley.

Laughlin’s Corey Beggs (152), Caelum O’Brien (160) and Cody McGeshick (189) also won by pin for Laughlin.

In the first match, River Valley won four matches by pin in a 42-30 victory over the Cougars.

Beaver Dam (Ariz.) 42, Spring Mountain 30
103—double forfeit. 112—double forfeit. 119—Duncan, SM, p. Perez, 2:27. 125—Nicklas, SM, p. Gonzalez, 0:41. 130—Hermosillo, BD, p. Flores, 1:04. 135—Ruiz, BD, p. Friday, 1:29. 140—Douglas, BD, p. Dangerfield, 1:26. 145—Martinez, BD, p. Reyes, 2:35. 152—Rosas, BD, p. Jimenez, 0:49. 160—Crisswell, BD, p. Reed, 1:32. 171—Smith, SM, won by forfeit. 189—Billingsley, SM, won by forfeit . 215—Gutierrez, BD, won by forfeit. 285—no match.
Bonanza 32, Las Vegas 30
103—Orchard, Bon, p. Sanchez, 1:20. 112—Mondragon, Bon, won by forfeit. 119—Garcia, LV, won by forfeit. 125—Hall, LV, d. Zellner, 14-8. 130—A. Gonzalez, LV, d. Urquiel, 15-8. 135—Jackson, Bon, p. Richardson, 2:40. 140—A. Aniciete, LV, d. Rosas, 27-10. 145—Montenegro, Bon, d. G. Gonzalez, 7-2. 152—N. Aniciete, LV, p. Laurian, 4:30. 160—Shepard, LV, p. Droodiani, 1:54. 171—McGinnis, Bon, p. Brown, 5:10. 189—Coffee, Bon, d. Woo, 6-4, OT. 215—Ortez, LV, d. Medina, 9-5. 285—no match.
Centennial 38, Bonanza 36
103—Gonzalez, Cen, p. Orchard, 1:30. 112—Mondragon, Bon, p. Santana, 1:40. 119—Gamez, Cen, won by forfeit. 125—Zellner, Bon, p. Martins, 5:40. 130—Howell, Cen, d. Urquiel, 3:20. 135—Jackson, Bon, p. Bird, 1:40. 140—Sampui, Bon, d. Cobler, 10-7. 145—Schneider, Cen, d. Montenegro, 13-0. 152—Laurian, Bon, d. Romoff, 10-6. 160—Pollum, Cen, d. Droodiani, 12:4. 171—McGinnis, Bon, p. Champoux, 3:40. 189—Coffee, Bon, p. Harter, 1:00. 215—Easley, Cen, p. Medina, 3:10. 285—Wilson, Cen, won by forfeit.
Centennial 37, Las Vegas 34
103—Gonzalez, Cen, p. Sanchez, 1:15. 112—Santana, Cen, won by forfeit. 119—Garcia, LV, p. Gamez, 3:03. 125—Hall, LV, p. Martin, 5:50. 130—Howell, Cen, p. A. Gonzalez, 2:20. 135—Bird, Cen, d. Richardson, 12-2. 140—A. Aniciete, LV, p. Cobler, 3:30. 145—Schneider, Cen, d. G. Gonzalez, 13-0. 152—N. Aniciete, LV, p. Romoff, 3:10. 160—Shepard, LV, d. Pollum, 12-4. 171—Brown, LV, d. Champoux, 13-9. 189—Ortez, LV, d. Harter, 8-7. 215—Easley, Cen, p. Woo, 5:00. 285—Wilson, Cen, won by forfeit.
Indian Springs 42, Beaver Dam (Ariz.) 24
103—Malloy, IS, won by forfeit. 112—no match. 119—Wilson, BD p. Perez, 2:50. 125—Gonzalez, BD, p. Johnson, 1:15. 130—Cruz, BD, p. Heath, 4:55. 135—Hamlin, IS, p. Ruiz, 3:27. 140—Sargent, IS, p. Douglas, 1:59. 145—McCleary, IS, p. Martinez, 3:55. 152—Pena, IS, p. Rosas, 1:28. 160—Criswell, BD, forfeit. 171—no match. 189—no match. 215—Gutierrez, BD, won by forfeit. 285—Faga, IS, won by forfeit.
Indian Springs 42, Spring Mountain 36
103—Malloy, IS, won by forfeit. 112—no match 119—Duncan, SM, p. Wilson, 1:15. 125—Nicklas, SM, p. Johnson, 3:48. 130—Heath, IS, p. Flores, 0:23. 135—Hamlin, IS, p. Friday, 1:17. 140—Sargent, IS, p. Dangerfield, 0:51. 145—Reyes, SM, p. McCleary, 1:15. 152—Pena, IS, p. Jimenez, 1:29. 160—Reed, SM, won by forfeit. 171—Smith, SM, won by forfeit. 189—Billingsly, SM, won by forfeit. 215—Reinke, IS, won by forfeit. 285—Faga, IS, won by forfeit.
Laughlin 36, River Valley 15
103—no match. 112—Hawkins, RV, d. Davila, 19-11. 119—no match. 125—no match. 130—Hite, RV, p. Mackey, 1:00. 135—Reynolds, Lau, won by forfeit. 140—Miller, Lau, won by forfeit. 145—Seldon, RV, p. Heatherington, 0:47. 152—Beggs, Lau, p. Smith, 0:43. 160—O’Brien, Lau, p. Smith, 3:58. 171—no match. 189—McGeshick, Lau, p. Lee, 0:40. 215—no match. 285—Lakes, Lau, p. Montoya, 0:04.
Moapa Valley 60, Beaver Dam (Ariz.) 18
103—Baldwin, Moa, won by forfeit. 112—Burkey, Moa, won by forfeit. 119—Perez, BD, p. Evans, Moa, 2:43. 125—Torres, Moa, p. Gonzalez, 0:24. 130—Cruz, BD, p. Smith, 1:36. 135—Postma, Moa, p. Ruiz, 5:26. 140—Repp, Moa, p. Douglas, 1:29. 145—Boren, Moa, p. Martinez, 1:35. 152—Durham, Moa p. Rosas, 0:42. 160—Chappell, Moa, p. Criswell, 2:42. 171—Rebman, Moa, won by forfeit. 189—Millington, Moa, won by forfeit. 215—Gutierrez, BD, p. Reeves, 2:23. 285—Bellevanc, Moa, won by forfeit.
Moapa Valley 54, Indian Springs 24
103—Baldwin, Moa, p. Malloy, 0:46. 112—Burkey, Moa, won by forfeit. 119—Repp, Moa, won by injury default. 125—Torres, Moa, p. Johnson, 0:59. 130—Heath, IS, p. Smith, 3:02. 135—Hamlin, IS, p. Postma, 0:26. 140—Sargent, IS, p. Repp, 0:42. 145—McCleary, IS, p. Boren. 2:57. 152—Durham, Moa, p. Pena, 1:10. 160—Chappell, Moa, won by forfeit. 171—Rebman, Moa, won by forfeit. 189—Millington, Moa, won by forfeit. 215—Reeves, Moa, won by forfeit. 285—Bellevanc, Moa, p. Faga, 0:35.
Moapa Valley 78, Spring Mountain 6
103—Baldwin, Moa, won by forfeit. 112—Tony Burkey, Moa, won by forfeit. 119—Braden Evans, Moa, p. Duncan, 3:18. 125—Torres, Moa, p. Nicklas, 0:39. 130—Smith, Moa, p. Flores, 0:14. 135—Postma, Moa, p. Friday, 0:55. 140—Repp, Moa, p. Dangerfield, 1:08. 145—Boren, Moa, p. Reyes, 0:40. 152—Durham, Moa, p. Jimenez, 0:21. 160—Chappell, Moa, p. Reid, 1:25. 171—Rebman, Moa, p. Smith, 2:20. 189—Billingsly, SM, p. Millington, 1:59. 215—Reeves, Moa, won by forfeit. 285—Bellevanc, Moa, won by forfeit.
River Valley (Ariz.) 42, Laughlin 30
103—Hawkins, RV, won by forfeit. 112—Mayo, RV, d. Davila, 6-0. 119—no match. 125—Romero, Lau, p. Mayo, 2:42. 130—Hite, RV, p. Maldonado, 3:03. 135—Kauffman, Lau, won by forfeit. 140—Sohmer, RV, d. Minniear, 5-0. 145—Seldon, RV, d. Hodges, 10-7. 152—Villalobos, Lau, p. Weir, 0:53. 160—Wallstrom, RV, p. Jacobo, 5:24. 171—Frazell, Lau, p. Smith, 1:01. 189—McGeshick, Lau, won by forfeit. 215—Lee, RV, won by forfeit. 285—Lolovich, RV, p. MacDonald, 1:23.
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