ROUNDUP: Grizzlies storm past Desert Oasis, wrap up Western for two wins

Trevor Siedlecki registered a pair of first-period pins Tuesday to lead Spring Valley’s wrestling team to a pair of home wins.

The Grizzlies beat Desert Oasis, 61-13 and Western, 65-10. Desert Oasis was a 72-9 winner over Western.

Siedlecki needed only 2 minutes and 24 seconds to win both matches at 103 pounds.

Jordan Conner (125), Rodrigo Santos (140) and Ray Waters (145) also had two pins apiece for Spring Valley.

Other double winners for the Grizzlies were: Trever Mayo (119), Erik Lopez (171) and Juan Portillo (189).

Las Vegas wins twice

At Las Vegas, the Wildcats won a pair of duals, beating Virgin Valley 54-17 and Basic 48-29.

Napoleon Aniciete (145), Jordan Joseph (171) and Jon Hales (215) each won two matches by pin to lead Las Vegas.

Las Vegas 54, Virgin Valley 17
103—double forfeit. 112—Hall, LV, won by forfeit. 119—Taylor, LV, d. Fails, 6-4. 125—Cannon, VV, d. A. Gonzalez, 8-6. 130—Jensen, VV, d. A. Aniciete, 11-6. 135—Randall, VV, p. Rhone, 5:53. 140—G. Gonzalez, LV, won by forfeit. 145—N. Aniciete, LV, p. Magoon, 3:44. 152—Stratman, LV, won by forfeit. 160—Pack, LV, won by forfeit. 171—Joseph, LV, p. Walter, 1:23. 189—Hales,  LV, p. Linge, 1:27. 215—Prieto, LV, won by forfeit. 285—Woo, LV, p. Santiago, 0:18.
Las Vegas 48, Basic 29
103—Gomez, Bas, won by forfeit. 112—Hall, LV, d. Kueke, 12-7. 119—Magdael, Bas, p. Keller, 0:35. 125—A. Gonzalez, LV, won by forfeit. 130—A. Aniciete, LV, p. Goychera, 3:27. 135—Garcia, Bas, p. Rhone, 0:48. 140—Acquavia, Bas, p. G. Gonzalez, 5:10. 145—N. Aniciete, LV, p. Loftis, 2:34. 152—Stratman, LV, d. Barkley, 6-3. 160—Pack, LV, d. Marella, 11-5. 171—Joseph, LV, p. Lee, 4:57. 189—Hales, LV, p. Ortiz, 3:42. 215—McElhaney, LV, p. Cope, 0:56. 285—Prieto, LV, d. Soto, 6-3.
Desert Oasis 72, Western 9
103—Stuart, DO, p. Andrade, 1:49. 112—Jury, DO, p. Seglund, 0:42. 119—Stokes, DO, p. Bogarin, 2:31. 125—Brockaway, DO, p. Hooker, 0:41. 130—Lara, DO, Guerrero, 1:31. 135—Hansen, Wes, won by forfeit. 140—Paratore, DO, p. Hollinquest, 1:58. 145—Bianco, DO, p. Doss, 3:45. 152—Hunkin, DO, p. Vazquez, 0:34. 160—Vaughn, Wes, d. Santiago, 18-10. 171—Castaneda, DO, p. Tovar, 3:32. 189—Palmer, DO, p. Parada, 0:59. 215—Jackson, DO, p. Panzeri, 1:42. 285—Fonua, DO, p. Ortiz, 0:59.
Spring Valley 61, Desert Oasis 13
103—Siedlecki, SV, p. Stuart, 1:22. 112—Chase, DO, d. Wang, 9-0. 119—Mayo, SV, p. Stokes, 5:12. 125—Conner, SV, p. Brockaway, 5:22. 130—Lara, DO, d. Van Tassel, 9-4. 135—Najand, SV, won by forfeit. 140—Santos, SV, p. Paratore, 4:22. 145—Ray Waters, SV, p. Bianco, 1:13. 152—Rasheem Waters, SV, p. Hunkin, 2:14. 160—Rashad Waters, SV, p. Santiago, 1:43. 171—Lopez, SV, d. Castaneda, 6-3. 189—Portillo, SV, d. Palmer, 14-5. 215—Jackson, DO, p. Bodda 2:22. 285—Grazzini, SV, p. Fonua, 0:56.
Spring Valley 65, Western 10
103—Siedlecki, SV, p. Andrade, 1:02. 112—Wang, SV, d. Seglund, 10-1. 119—Mayo, SV, d. Bogarin, 9-0. 125—Conner, SV, p. Hooker, 0:56. 130—Van Tassel, SV, p. Guerrero, 1:44. 135—Hansen, Wes, d. Chan, 11-0. 140—Santos, SV, p. Hollinquest, 1:24. 145—Ray Waters, SV, p. Doss, 2:44. 152—Deksnis, SV, d. Vazquez, 7-6. 160—Vaughn, Wes, p. Ortner, 2:44. 171—Lopez, SV, p. Tovar, 0:56. 189—Portillo, SV, p. Parada, 1:04. 215—Bodda, DO, p. Panzeri, 1:44. 285—Davis, SV, Ortiz, 5:44.