ROUNDUP: Grizzlies bounce back from loss to top Shadow Ridge, Liberty

Spring Valley’s wrestling team could have packed it in when it saw an 11-point lead over Las Vegas High unravel in the final two matches of Tuesday’s dual meet at Shadow Ridge.

Instead, the Grizzlies responded by posting wins over Liberty and the host Mustangs by the end of the night.

Ray Waters (171 pounds), Rashad Waters (189), Jordan Connor (130) and Nick Hess (103) all finished 3-0, and Spring Valley finished 2-1 in a four-way meet Tuesday that included last year’s four league champions. Spring Valley’s lone loss was a 33-32 decision against Las Vegas.

Las Vegas also finished 2-1, and Shadow Ridge and Liberty each went 1-2 on the night.

“We had a match get away from us, but (Las Vegas) outwrestled in a few key weight classes, and that’s why they won,” Spring Valley coach Fred Meyer said. “They’re a scrappy bunch.”

Rashad Waters’ 11-1 win over Carlos Ortiz at 189 pounds put the Grizzlies ahead 32-21, but the Wildcats got pins from Kaveo Walker and Lamand Evans at 215 and 285 to scrape together the win.

Spring Valley then went on to defeat Shadow Ridge, 46-28, and Liberty, 55-20.

Meyer said both experiences — winning and losing — were beneficial as his team gets ready to defend its Southwest League title.

“We don’t get better by mowing people down,” Meyer added. “We get better by competing against the best teams. It doesn’t really help us to go out and slaughter some team. It helps us to go against the better teams, and that’s why we wanted to come here.”

Trevor Seidlecki helped spark the Grizzlies after the opening-match loss with a 1 minute, 13 second pin of Shadow Ridge’s Travis Carella to open up the second match.

“He’s probably the hardest worker on our team,” Meyer said. “I would say he’s the heart and soul of our team. He’s the guy who keeps everybody focused on the task at hand. He wants to do well, but he wants to see our team do well, also. He’s a great kid.”

The defending state champion Wildcats finished 2-1, claiming the win over Spring Valley and a 42-27 win over Shadow Ridge as bookends to a 35-31 loss to Liberty.

Against Liberty, Las Vegas held a 25-23 lead before the final contested match, with each school also set to receive a forfeit. But Liberty senior Spencer Hill-Hale managed a third-period pin over Kaveo Walker to give the Patriots the edge.

“We were battling in that second dual, and we’ve got a bunch of young guys who are still making a bunch of mistakes,” Las Vegas coach Greg Gifford said. “But I think we have great potential to be contenders this year. I don’t know if we’re the favorites this year, but we’ve got some young guys who are showing a lot of potential and a lot of heart. They’re performing when we ask them to, and they’re listening.”

Alex Aniciete (140), Napoleon Aniciete (152) and Nathan Garcia (119) each finished 3-0 for Las Vegas, and De’Arman Hall went 2-1.

Alex Aniciete and Garcia each had two pins on the night.

Shadow Ridge beat Liberty, 55-20, for its lone team win.

Austin Rumsey (112) was 3-0 with two pins for the Mustangs, and Jordan Kurth (215) and Brandon Fisher (285) each went 2-1.

Cory Koryakos finished 2-0, and Hill-Hale and Ian Wilson each went 2-1 for Liberty.

Palo Verde tops Eldorado, Foothill
At Foothill, Palo Verde’s wrestling team totaled 12 pins  in a pair of victories, 46-19 over Eldorado and 43-33 over Foothill.
Foothill also won two duals, 56-12 over Eldorado and 41-30 over Desert Oasis.

Desert Oasis picked up a 46-30 victory over Eldorado.

Desert Oasis 46, Eldorado 30
103—Garcia, DO, p. Camacho. 112—Campor, DO, p. Reyes. 119—Huibregtse, Eld, won by forfeit. 125—Henry, Eld, p. Lopez. 130—Dodge, Eld, won by forfeit. 135—Jones, Eld, won by forfeit. 140—Lara, DO, p. Abbott. 145—Obra, Do, p. Shelton. 152—Cavasos, Do, d. Brewer, 8-0. 160—Brockway, DO, p. mercado. 171—Hatefi, Eld, d. Austin, 9-6. 189—Keller, DO, p. Benitez. 215—Palmer, DO, p. Sotelo. 285—Escobar, Eld, d. Hernandez, 4-3.
Foothill 56, Eldorado 12
103—Crisostomo, FH, won by forfeit. 112—Miller, FH, won by forfeit. 119—Gomez, FH, p. Huibregtse, 3:51. 125—Henry, Eld, d. Qureshi, 10-3. 130—Steiber, FH, d. Dodge, 14-10. 135—Abbott, Eld, p. Cole, 2:22. 140—Reavy, FH, won by forfeit. 145—Harris, FH, won by forfeit. 152—Mitchell, FH, p. Harris, Eld, 3:00. 160—Jordan, FH, d. Brewer, 9-7. 171—Webb, FH, d. Hatefi, 6-5. 189—Matthews, FH, p. Benitez, 1:01. 215—Schneider, FH, won by forfeit. 285—Escobar, Eld, d. Vance, 3-2.
Foothill 41, Desert Oasis 30
103—Crisostomo, FH, d. Garcia, 3-2. 112—Miller, FH, p. Campos, 5:28. 119—Gomez, FH, d. Cavazos, 7-2. 125—Qureshi, FH, p. Lopez, 3:45. 130—Steiber, FH, won by forfeit. 135—Cole, FH, won by forfeit. 140—Lara, DO, d. Harris, 9-2. 145—Obra, DO, d. Reavy, 4-0. 152—Cavazos, DO, p. Mitchell, 3:42. 160—Brockway, DO, p. Webb, 2:36. 171—Matthews, FH, p. Austin, 1:21. 189—Keller, DO, won by forfeit. 215—Palmer, DO, d. Schneider, 9-6. 285—Vance, FH, p. Hernandez, 2:53.
Las Vegas 42, Shadow Ridge 27
103—McKee, SR, won by forfeit. 112—Rumsey, SR. p. Thompson, 1:17. 119—Garcia, LV, p. Calella, 1:02. 125—Hall, LV, p. Young, 1:42. 130—Vanriel, SR, d. A. Gonzalez, 7-5. 135—Richardson, LV, d. Williams, 8-7. 140—A. Aniciete, LV, p. Andasol, 5:11. 145—G. Gonzalez, LV, d. Carlman, 10-3. 152—N. Aniciete, LV, won by forfeit. 160—Shephard, LV, d. Prince, 2-1. 171—Brown, LV, d. Bergner, 14-9. 189—Ortiz, LV, p. Fisher, 1:12. 215—Kurth, SR, p. Walker, 0:26. 285—Evans, LV, p. Kuhlman, 1:23.
Las Vegas 33, Spring Valley 32
103—Hess, SpV, won by forfeit. 112—Wong, SpV, d. Thompson, 12-4. 119—Garcia, LV, d. Seidlecki, 11-6. 125—Hall, LV, d. Mayo, 5-1. 130—Connor, SpV, p. A. Gonzalez, 1:55. 135—Vantassel, SpV, d. Richardson, 6-3. 140—A. Aniciete, LV, p. Obilor, 4:49. 145—Santos, SpV, d. G. Gonzalez, 9-6. 152—N. Aniciete, LV, p. Baldwin, 5:02. 160—Shepherd, LV, d. Rashe. Waters, 3-1. 171—Ray Waters, SpV, p. Brown, 1:38. 189—Rasha. Waters, SpV, d. Ortiz,  11-1. 215—Walker, LV, p. True, 3:34. 285—Evans, LV, p. Dishari, 3:37.
Liberty 35, Las Vegas 31
103—Bocadaro, Lib, won by forfeit. 112—Thompson, LV, won by forfeit. 119—Garcia, LV, p. Balden, 1:30. 125—Goling, Lib, p. Hall, 1:29. 130—A. Gonzalez, LV, d. Peterson, 8-1. 135—Kaulili, Lib, d. Richardson, 8-5. 140—A. Aniciete, LV, d. More, 20-7. 145—Wilson, Lib, d. G. Gonzalez, 6-4. 152—N. Aniciete, LV, won by forfeit. 160—Terrell, Lib, d. Shephard, 15-3. 171—Koryakos, Lib, d. Brown, 7-0. 189—Cisneros, Lib, d. Ortiz, 11-2. 215—Hill-Hale, Lib, p. Walker, 4:43. 285—Evans, LV, won by forfeit.
Palo Verde 46, Eldorado 19
103—Ferguson, PV, p. Camacho. 112—Hart, PV, p. Reyes. 119—Huibregtse, Eld, d. Nguyen, 13-11. 125—Henry, Eld, d. Hammertree, 12-4. 130—Dodge, Eld, won by forfeit. 135—Lott, PV, p. Rosado. 140—Educate, PV, d. Abbott, 19-8. 145—Garcia, PV, won by forfeit. 152—Urista, PV, p. Mercado. 160—Castro, PV, p. Harris. 171—Judd, PV, p. Hatefi. 189—Castaneda, Eld, d. Ratliff, 3-2. 215—Adams, PV, p. Sotelo. 285—Escobar, Eld, d. Mason, 1-0.
Palo Verde 43, Foothill 33
103—Ferguson, PV, p. Crisostomo, 3:21. 112—Miller, FH, d. Hart, 6-3. 119—Gomez, FH, p. Nguyen, 4:20. 125—Qureshi, FH, won by forfeit. 130—Cole, FH, won by forfeit. 135—Lott, PV, p. Steiber, 1:44. 140—Leet, PV, d. Harris, 6-2. 145—Haugh, PV, p. Reavy, 2:15. 152—Urista, PV, p. Mitchell, 1:13. 160—Castro, PV, p. Webb, 5:13. 171—Judd, PV, d. Matthews, 14-4. 189—Ratliff, PV, won by forfeit. 215—Schneider, FH, p. Adams, 5:51. 285—Vance, FH, p. Mason.
Shadow Ridge 55, Liberty 20
103—McKee, SR, p. Boccadaro, 1:28. 112—Travis, SR, won by forfeit. 119—Rumsey, SR, p. Balden, 1:25. 125—Young, SR, p. Goling, 5:58. 130—Vanriel, SR, d. Peterson, 12-4. 135—Kaulili, Lib, d. Williams, 17-3. 140—Morgan, Lib, d. Andasol, 7-4. 145—Wilson, Lib, p. Carlman, 2:54. 152—Cooper, SR, won by forfeit. 160—Prince, SR, d. Torres, 9-7 OT. 171—Koyakos, Lib, p. Bergner, 1:01. 189—Fisher, SR, p. Reveles, 3:42. 215—Kurth, SR, p. Hill-Hale, 1:19. 285—Kuhlman, SR, won by forfeit.
Spring Valley 46, Shadow Ridge 28
103—Hess, SpV, d. McKee, 8-0. 112—Rumsey, SR, d. Wong, 11-1. 119—Seidlecki, SpV, p. Carella, 1:13. 125—Mayo, SpV, p. Young, 1:38. 130—Connor, SpV, p. Vantiel, 3:00. 135—VanTassell, SpV, d. Williams, 6-1. 140—Andasol, SR, p. Obilar, 1:18. 145—Santos, SpV, p. Carlman, 0:52. 152—Rashe. Waters, SpV, won by forfeit. 160—Ray Waters, SpV, d. Prince, 5-1. 171—Rasha. Waters, SpV, p. Bergner, 1:23. 189—Fisher, SR, p. Rochester, 2:09. 215—Dishari, SpV, p. Kurth, 0:44. 285—Kuhrman, SR, p. True, 3:10.
Spring Valley 57, Liberty 17
103—Hess, SpV, p. Boccadaro, 5:02. 112—Wang, SpV, won by forfeit. 119—Siedlecki, SpV, p. Balden, 3:34. 125—Mayo, SpV, d. Peterson, 3-0. 130—Connor, SpV, p. Tatoy, 4:48. 135—Kaulili, Lib, p. VanTassel, 3:52. 140—Wanabi, Lib, d. Obilor, 15-0. 145—Santos, SpV, d. Wilson, 7-3. 152—Rashe. Waters, SpV, won by forfeit. 160—Ray Waters, SpV, p. Jerrell, 3:21. 171—Rasha. Waters, SpV, won by forfeit. 189—Rochester, SpV, d. Whiddon, 4-0. 215—Hill-Hale, Lib, p. True, 1:59. 285—Dishari, SpV, won by forfeit.