ROUNDUP: Bengals top Diamondbacks, Chargers behind trio

Tyler Leet (145 pounds), Jason Laurian (152) and Chris Coffey (171) collected two wins apiece as the host Bengals earned victories over Desert Oasis and Clark in a tri-meet Wednesday.

Bonanza defeated Desert Oasis, 39-30 in the early meet before cruising past the Chargers, 58-21 in the nightcap. Desert Oasis defeated Clark, 42-37 in the other meet.

Coffey racked up two pins in a combined five minutes for the Bengals.

Leet eked out a 3-2 decision against Desert Oasis, then added a 42-second pin against Clark. Laurian had a 15-8 major decision against Desert Oasis, then added a pin in 4:36 against the Chargers.

Spring Valley tops Gorman, Sierra Vista
At Bishop Gorman, Rich Tapia (112), Teven Mayo (125) and Rodrigo Santos (140) each won two matches by pin to lift Spring Valley to wins over Sierra Vista and Gorman.

The Grizzlies rolled past the Mountain Lions, 61-18, and added a 46-26 win over the Gaels.

Gorman’s Nick Solari (112), Ryan Pyle (125), Dylan Beckwith (135) and Zack Singer (285) each won by pin to lead the Gaels to a 57-15 win over Sierra Vista in the other meet.

Liberty edges Moapa Valley, tops Silverado
At Overton, Julian Boccadoro (103), Briant Peterson (119), Anthony Kaulili (130), Ian Wilson (140),

Rudy Reveles (171) and Spencer Hill-Hale (215) each won by pin to lead Liberty to a 39-38 decision over Moapa Valley.

Kaulili, Wilson and Hill-Hale also won by pin in the Patriots’ 45-31 victory over Silverado.

Centennial records two victories
At Legacy, Centennial had four wrestlers record two pins apiece Wednesday on its way to a 62-14 victory over Faith Lutheran and a 57-18 win over host Legacy.

Centennial’s Jesse Ganez (119), Billy Cobler (135), Lawrence Easley (189) and heavyweight David Wilson each won twice by fall.

Palo Verde collects two wins
At Palo Verde, Marcus Judd scored a pair of first-period pins at 171 pounds to help the Panthers to a 46-24 win over Shadow Ridge and a 73-6 win over Mojave.

Paul Hammontree (125) and Rob Buckhannon (130) added two pins apiece for Palo Verde, which didn’t drop a match in the seven lightest weight classes in either meet.

Shadow Ridge was a 63-14 winner over the Rattlers.

Green Valley sweeps Del Sol, Foothill
At Green Valley, Stephen Berta collected two first-period pins at 140 pounds as the host Gators downed Foothill, 46-22 and Del Sol, 76-6.

Zack Perry (125) and Adam Bernstein (160) also notched two pins apiece for the Gators.

Foothill breezed to a 66-11 win over the Dragons.

Bishop Gorman 57, Sierra Vista 15
103—Kenny, BG, won by forfeit. 112—Solari, BG, p. Butimarn, third period. 119—Meneses, S. Vis, d. Mersch, 8-7. 125—Pyle, BG, p. Cabrera, first period. 130—Price, S. Vis, p. Campbell, second period. 135—Beckwith, BG, p. Lavasseur, third period. 140—Miller, BG, d. June, 7-0. 145—M. Lavasseur, S. Vis, d. Wilhelm, 3-2. 152—Field, BG, won by forfeit. 160—Starbuck, S. Vis, d. Martinez, 2-1. 171—Auschwitz, BG, won by forfeit. 189—Clark, BG, won by forfeit. 215—Welte, BG, won by forfeit. 285—Singer, BG, p. Jones, third period.
Bonanza 39, Desert Oasis 30
103—Garcia, DO, d. Orchard, 8-3. 112—Mondragon, Bon, d. Campos, 9-6. 119—Zellner, Bon, won by forfeit. 125—Lopez, DO, won by forfeit. 130—Urquidi, Bon, won by forfeit. 135—Jackson, Bon, won by forfeit. 140—Lara, DO, p. Rosas, 2:22. 145—Leet, Bon, d. Cavazos, 3-2. 152—Laurian, Bon, d. Reddick, 15-8. 160—Carino, DO, p. Droodiani, 3:13. 171—Coffey, Bon, p. Austin, 1:14. 189—Palmer, DO, d. McGinnis, 11-4. 215—Hernandez, DO, p. Medina, 2:58. 285—Mesa, Bon, won by forfeit.
Bonanza 58, Clark 21
103—Orchard, bon, p. Peppers, 5:53. 112—Mondragon, Bon, won by forfeit. 119—Zellner, Bon, p. Yen, 2:33. 125—Gollick, Cla, won by forfeit. 130—Vertidui, Bon, won by forfeit. 135—Jackson, Bon, d. McMahill, 12-4. 140—Rosas, bon, p. Moncravy, :57. 145—Leet, Bon, p. Alcatraz, :42. 152—Laurian, Bon, p. Platt, 4:36. 160—Hammond, Cla, d. Droodiani, 4-2. 171—Coffey, Bon, p. Zozoya, 3:41. 189—McGinnis, Bon, p. Rovulroba, 3:52. 215—Holmstrom, Cla, p. Medina, 3:53. 285—Balshazy, Cla, won by forfeit.
Centennial 62, Faith Lutheran 14
103—Gonzalez, Cen, won by forfeit. 112—Santana, Cen, d. Dolby, 7-5. 119—Ganez, Cen, p. McMillian, 2:57. 125—Dolby, FL, d. Martens, 12-2. 130—Howell, Cen, won by forfeit. 135—Cobler, Cen, p. DeCastroverde, 1:05. 140—Holtfreter, p. Bird, Cen, time unavailble. 145—Kolmes, FL, d. Schneider, 11-2. 152—Romoff, Cen, d. Kittosoros, 17-2. 160—Champoux, Cen, p., time unavailable. 171—Whitehead, Cen, won by forfeit. 189—Easley, Cen, p., Hansen, 1:11. 215—Karst, Cen, p. Mietener, 3:37. 285—Wilson, Cen, p. Waller, 0:58.
Centennial 57, Legacy 18
103—Gonzalez, Cen, p. Brents, 1:24. 112—Temple, Leg, p. Santana, 1:34. 119—Ganez, Cen, p. McKio, 2:55. 125—Temple, Leg, p. Martens, 1:50. 130—Howell, Cen, d. Baker, 10-2. 135—Cobler, Cen, p. Medina, 3:08. 140—Bird, Cen, p. Sorensen, 3:01. 145—Schneider, Cen, p. Wright, 0:59. 152—Romoff, Cen, d. Evans, 5-2. 160—Champoux, Cen, d. Maylock, 6-3. 171—Joseph, Leg, p. Whitehead, 1:43. 189—Easley, Cen, p. Sorensen, 2:30. 215—Karst, Cen, d. Rodriguez, 15-0. 285—Wilson, Cen, p., 1:29.
Desert Oasis 42, Clark 37
103—Garcia, DO, p. Peppers, 1:16. 112—Campos, DO, won by forfeit. 119—Lopez, DO, p. Yen, 4:46. 125—Gollick, Cla, won by forfeit. 130—Banyelos, Cla, won by forfeit. 135—McMahill, Cla, won by forfeit. 140—Moncravey, Cla, d. Lara, 8-6. 145—Cavazos, Cla, p. Alcatraz, :50. 152—Reddick, DO, p. Platt, 1:48. 160—Hammon, Cla, p. Carino, 5:15. 171—Austin, DO, p. Zozoya, 4:31. 189—Palmer, DO, p. Rovulroba, 3:52. 215—Holmstrom, Cla, d. Hernandez, 12-0. 285—Balshazy, Cla, won by forfeit.
Foothill 66, Del Sol 11
103—Miller, Foot, won by forfeit. 112—Gomez, Foot, p. Brisby, 5:47. 119—Sanchez, Foot, won by forfeit. 125—Pacheco, DS, d. Qureshi, 16-1. 130—Montero, Foot, won by forfeit. 135—Harris, Foot, p. Handyside, 1:20. 140—Reavy, Foot, p. Nungaray, 2:56. 145—Rico, DS, d Mitchell, inj., def.. 152—Webb, Foot, p. Cano-Reyes, 1:04. 160—Holdren, Foot, p. Manzo, 1:04. 171—Matthews, Foot, p. Untalah, 1:55. 189—Double forfeit. 215—Stigger, Foot, p. Ortiz, 0:54. 285—Vance, Foot, won by forfeit.
Green Valley 76, Del Sol 6
103—J. Brathor, GV, won by forfeit. 112—C. Brathor, GV, p. Brisby, 2:20. 119—Watson, GV, won by forfeit. 125—Perry, GV, p. Pacheco, 3:08. 130—Razo, GV, won by forfeit. 135—Church, GV, p. Handyside, 2:27. 140—Berta, GV, p. Nungaray, 1:44. 145—Newman, GV, p. Rico, 1:07. 152—Byrne, GV, d. Cano-Reyes, 14-2. 160—Bernstein, GV, p. Manzo, 4:28. 171—Untalah, DS, p. Peled, 3:00. 189—Alberts, GV, won by forfeit. 215—Thomas, GV. p. Ortiz, 0:43. 285—Gross, GV, won by forfeit.
Green Valley 46, Foothill 22
103—Miller, Foot, d. J. Brathor, 12-0. 112—Gomez, Foot, d. C. Brathor, 6-3. 119—Watson, GV, d. Sanchez, 7-1. 125—Perry, GV, p. Cole, 1:32. 130—Razo, GV, d. Montero, inj. def. 135—Harris, Foot, p. Church, 3:05. 140—Berta, GV, p. Reavy, 1:40. 145—Newman, GV, won by forfeit. 152—Byrne, GV, d. Webb, 9-3. 160—Bernstein, GV, p. Holdren, 4:59. 171—Matthews, Foot, p. Peled, 2:41. 189—Alberts, GV, won by forfeit. 215—Thomas, GV, d. Stigger, 9-1. 285—Vance, Foot, d. Gross, 9-6.
Liberty 45, Silverado 31
103—A. Bishop, Sil, p. Boccardoro, 1:00. 112—J. Bishop, Sil, p. Lorenzo-Ragasa, 1:45. 119—Peterson, Lib, d. Bowmn, 5-2. 125—Suey, Sil, d. Balden, 13-4. 130—Burr, Sil, d. Graham, 8-3. 135—Kaulili, Lib, p. Moneo, 2:51. 140—Watanbe, Lib, p. Thomson, 1:14. 145—Wilson, Lib, p. Hernandez, 0:25. 152—Terrell, Lib, p. Jamero, 0:25. 160—Yoon, Sil, p. Lujan, 0:32. 171—Reveles, Lib, won by forfeit. 189—Cisneros, Lib, p. Foland, 5:15. 215—Hill-Hale, Lib, p. Pfriender, 3:53. 285—no contest.
Liberty 39, Moapa Valley 38
103—Boccadoro, Lib, p. Baldwin, 3:48. 112—Repp, MV, p. Lorenzo-Ragasa, 2:33. 119—Peterson, Lib, p. Evans, MV, 2:21. 125—Sprague, MV, d. Balden, 6-4. 130—Kaulili, Lib, p. Smith, 1:09. 135—Bryant, MV, d. Watanabe, 19-3. 140—Wilson, Lib, p. Repp, 3:58. 145—Boren, MV, won by forfeit. 152—Durham, MV, p. Terrell, 1:22. 160—Chappell, MV, p. Lujan, 1:38. 171—Reveles, Lib, p. Rebman, 2:45. 189—Cisneros, Lib, d. Staley, 13-9. 215—Hill-Hale, Lib, p. Reeves, 3:15. 285—Bellavance, MV, won by forfeit.
Palo Verde 46, Shadow Ridge 24
103—Strobeck, PV, p. T. McKee, 1:51. 112—Hart, PV, p. Martinez, 0:47. 119—Costa, PV, d. Rumsey, 12-2. 125—Hammontree, PV, p. Young, 3:40. 130—Buckhannon, PV, p. Vanneil, 4:19. 135—Lott, PV, p. Williams, 0:49. 140—Educate, PV, d. Andasol, 8-3. 145—Caldwell, SR, d. Garcia, 6-5. 152—Urista, PV, p. Prince, 10-5. 160—McDearmon, SR, d. Castro, 12-7. 171—Judd, PV, p. Skouson, 1:17. 189—Tootle, SR, p. Ratliff, 0:32. 215—Fisher, SR, p. Adams, 3:24. 285—Kurth, SR, p. Mason, 0:42.
Palo Verde 73, Mojave 6
103—Strobeck, PV, won by forfeit. 112—Hart, PV, won by forfeit. 119—Costa, PV, won by forfeit. 125—Hammontree, PV, p. Fowley 3:11. 130—Buckhannon, PV, p. Ortiz-Brown, 1:03. 135—Lott, PV, d. Bruce, 10-2. 140—Educate, PV, d. Allen, 18-3. 145—Garcia, PV, p. Stindler, 1:07. 152—Urista, PV, won by forfeit. 160—Castro, PV, d. Ramirez, 11-5. 171—Judd, PV, p. Gonzalez, 1:03. 189—Ratliff, PV, d. White, 12-2. 215—Adams, PV, p. Bettis, 2:37. 285—Smith, Moj, p. Mason, 0:46.
Shadow Ridge 63, Mojave 14
103—T. McKee, SR, won by forfeit. 112—Rumsey, SR, won by forfeit. 119—Young, SR, won by forfeit. 125—Fowley, Moj, d. Thomas, 15-0. 130—Vanneil, SR, p. Ortiz-Brown, 0:46. 135—S. McKee, SR, d. Bruce, 8-3. 140—Allen, Moj, d. Andasol, 5-4. 145—Caldwell, SR, p. Stindler, 1:01. 152—Prince, SR, won by forfeit. 160—McDearmon, SR, p. Ramirez, 1:30. 171—Tootle, SR, p. Gonzalez, 1:03. 189—Fisher, SR, p. White, 1:54. 215—Kurth, SR, p. Bettis, 1:04. 285—Smith, Moj, p. Kuhlman, 1:13.
Spring Valley 46, Bishop Gorman 26
103—Hess, S. Val, p. Kenny, second period. 112—Tapia, S. Val, p. Solari, second period. 119—Siedlecki, S. Val, won by forfeit. 125—Mayo, S. Val, p. Pyle, first period. 130—Connor, S. Val, d. Campbell, 10-7. 135—Vantassel, S. Val, d. Beckwith, 6-1. 140—Santos, S. Val, p. Miller, first period. 145—Wilhelm, BG, p. Baldwin, second period. 152—Field, BG, p. Rashe. Waters, second period. 160—Ray. Waters, S. Val, p. Martinez, second period. 171—Rasha. Waters, S. Val, d. Auschwitz, 16-9. 189—Clark, BG, d. Rochester, 7-0. 215—Welte, BG, p. Dishari, first period. 285—Singer, BG, p. True, second period.
Spring Valley 61, Sierra Vista 18
103—Hess, S. Val, won by forfeit. 112—Tapia, S. Val, p. Butimarn, first period. 119—Siedlecki, S. Val, p. Meneses, second period. 125—Mayo, S. Val, p. Cabrera, first period. 130—Price, S. Vis, p. Connor, third period. 135—Vantassel, S. Val, d. Lavasseur. 140—Santos, S. Val, p. June, third period. 145—M. Lavasseur, S. Vis, p. Baldwin, third period. 152—Rashe. Waters, S. Val, won by forfeit. 160—Ray Waters, S. Val, d. Strbac, 8-0. 171—Rasha. Waters, S. Val, won by forfeit. 189—Rochester, S. Val, won by forfeit. 215—Dishari, S. Val, won by forfeit. 285—Jones, S. Vis, p. True, second period.
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