Class 3A state wrestling quarterfinal pairings

Following are the quarterfinal pairings for the Class 3A state wrestling meet. The meet begins Friday at 3 p.m. and concludes Saturday at the Winnemucca Events Center.
Wrestlers noted as unattached are non-scoring members of their team. Information on non-scoring wrestlers from North teams has not yet been received.
Daniel Raynor (Lowry) vs. Alesha Stoffel (Fernley)
Steve Baker (Truckee) vs. Andrew Zacarias (unattached-Faith Lutheran)
Eddie Poole (Lowry) vs. Brandon Gonzales (Boulder City)
Nate Gowan (Spring Creek) vs. Pierce Holtfreter (Faith Lutheran)
Ricky Cooper (Truckee) vs. Brooks Hudson (Truckee)
Allen Andrae (Spring Creek) vs. Cyle Durham (Moapa Valley)
Mario Bautista (Lowry) vs. Tyler Washburn (Boulder City)
Cody Villalobos (Yerington) vs. Taylor Fails (Virgin Valley)
Cameron Hopper (Spring Creek) vs. Tanner Trout (Yerington)
Bobby Marley (Lowry) vs. Colton Crandall (Virgin Valley)
John Stralla (Sparks) vs. Nick Pelogrini (Boulder City)
Chris Pike (Lowry) vs. Shane Bryant (Moapa Valley)
Jace Billingsley (Lowry) vs. Rachael Skroch (Yerington)
Jake Maga (Lowry) vs. Aaron Rappeleye (Virgin Valley)
Blaine Tibbals (Yerington) vs. Michael Amidon (Faith Lutheran)
Colby Porter (Spring Creek) vs. Johhny Garcia (Boulder City)
Sean Raynor (Lowry) vs. Tighen Shaff (Spring Creek)
Tanner Southard (Spring Creek) vs. Jade Jensen (Virgin Valley)
Jacob Miller (Sparks) vs. Taylor Houston (Faith Lutheran)
Kyle Mullen (Truckee) vs. Allen Haines (Boulder City)
Hazyn McGrath (Fernley) vs. Steeler Adams (Spring Creek)
Dustin Greener (Spring Creek) vs. Tim McKeever (Boulder City)
Gus Duncan (Lowry) vs. Richard Glaubitz (Moapa Valley)
Tyrell Cummings (Yerington) vs. Stetson Ruth (Virgin Valley)
Nick Wooden (Spring Creek) vs. Russell Lacey (Yerington)
Michael Cutts (Fernley) vs. McKay Magoon (Virgin Valley)
Jake Manzo (Lowry) vs. Danny O’Connor (Boulder City)
Jean Cota (Yerington) vs. Eric Robinson (Faith Lutheran)
Skylyr Bleck (Lowry) vs. Dustin Gwerder (Truckee)
Cody Crader (Fernley) vs. Dylan Dominguez (Virgin Valley)
Alex Baker (Spring Creek) vs. Parker Chappell (Moapa Valley)
Jeremy Randolph (Fernley) vs. Spencer Sasarita (Boulder City)
Jordan Kendall (Spring Creek) vs. Tucker Taylor (Fernley)
Ryan Nelson (Lowry) vs. Jeremie Sprague (Moapa Valley)
Chase Saxton (Spring Creek) vs. Frank Brown (unattached-Boulder City)
Kyle Firestone (Dayton) vs. Steven Kaposta (Boulder City)
Bryar Saddoris (Spring Creek) vs. Logan Irvin (unattached-Spring Creek)
Tanner Schmidt (Lowry) vs. Shane Joseph (unattached-Boulder City)
Wesley Taliaferro (Yerington) vs. Damon Keeman (Faith Lutheran)
Trevor Cody (Sparks) vs. Frankie Badgely (Boulder City)
Trevor Grant (Lowry) vs. Anthony Arroyo (Sparks)
Ryan Kyllonen (Spring Creek) vs. Derik Parkinson (Moapa Valley)
A.J. Estrada (Fernley) vs. Troy Zoleman (Virgin Valley)
Tyler Spriet (unattached-Lowry) vs. Jake Thormodsgaard (Boulder City)
Josh Cutts (Fernley) vs. Tyler Cavaness (Truckee)
Chris Ellis (Dayton) vs. Cody Coyle (Boulder City)
Wacey Chabot (Lowry) vs. Lane Stringham (unattached-Moapa Valley)
Tyler Usko (Spring Creek) vs. Riley Staley (Moapa Valley)
Paeden Underwood (Lowry) vs. Alexander Stubbs (Sparks)
Robert Snider (Yerington) vs. Justin Ibarra (Moapa Valley)
Casey Reynolds (Spring Creek) vs. Bleu Huxford (Boulder City)
Jeremiah Marshall (Dayton) vs. Wyatt Robinson (Virgin Valley)
Andrew Nash (Spring Creek) vs. Ivan Ramirez (Lowry)
Michael Snider (Yerington) vs. D’Andre Matthews (Virgin Valley)
Ian Butler (Sparks) vs. Ray Bellavance (Moapa Valley)
Pablo Gomez (Fernley) vs. Kyle Erickson (Boulder City)