Class 2A state wrestling quarterfinal pairings

Following are the quarterfinal pairings for the Class 2A state wrestling meet. The meet begins Friday at 3 p.m. and concludes Saturday at the Winnemucca Events Center.
Wrestlers noted as unattached are non-scoring members of their team.
Cody Feliciano (Incline) vs. Wesley Lawrence (Indian Springs)
Kagen Manning (Battle Mountain) vs. Gage Waugh (Lincoln County)
Johnny Chard (unattached-Incline) vs. Daylin Ruggiero (unattached-White Pine)
Clayton Higbee (Pahranagat Valley) vs. Skylar Hall (White Pine)
Chris Whisler (Battle Mountain) vs. Clay Baker (White Pine)
Travis Causey (Incline) vs. Eric Carasco (Laughlin)
Dallas Ott (Silver Stage) vs. Dakota Sargent (Indian Springs)
Claire Kelley (Sage Ridge) vs. John Roberts (West Wendover)
Ryan Thompson (Battle Mountain) vs. Trey Turley (Pahranagat Valley)
Seth Garrett (Wells) vs. Jordon Cutler (Round Mountain)
Jesus Hernandez (Incline) vs. Ryan Rasberry (Spring Mountain)
Ty Chavez (Independence) vs. Mauricio Escobedo (Lincoln County)
Ryan Alcazer (Battle Mountain) vs. Oscar Reynaga (Spring Mountain)
Ben Degrise (Pershing County) vs. Mike Sparrow (Pahranagat Valley)
Luis Salazar (Incline) vs. Josh Earl (West Wendover)
Jace Ragland (unattached-Battle Mountain) vs. Chase Stanton (White Pine)
Mason Garrett (Wells) vs. Jacob Strouse (White Pine)
Derek Tanner (unattached-Battle Mountain) vs. Jake Smith (Round Mountain)
Robbie Hacker (Battle Mountain) vs. Donald Schaffian (Spring Mountain)
Sean Fox (Incline) vs. Jensen Jones (Pahranagat Valley)
Kody Combs (Silver Stage) vs. Thomas Cox (Spring Mountain)
Cody Gibson (Pershing County) vs. Richard Camargo (Laughlin)
Joe Andre (Battle Mountain) vs. Nico Ricci (White Pine)
Christian Ramos (Rite of Passage) vs. Mike Kenny (The Meadows)
Kasey Jones (Battle Mountain) vs. Sean Hawkins (Spring Mountain)
Jimmy Markman (Incline) vs. Seth Van Horn (White Pine)
Trevor Hughes (Carlin) vs. William Miller (Lincoln County)
Bryce Buffone (Rite of Passage) vs. Corey Cook (Laughlin)
Logan Cohen (Incline) vs. James Browny (Round Mountain)
Guadalupe Leon (Independence) vs. Antone Allen (Indian Springs)
Trevor Gurley (Pershing County) vs. Matt Jones (Lincoln County)
Jesse Andre (Battle Mountain) vs. Cody Serfoss (Tonopah)
Sam Huber (Battle Mountain) vs. Doug Stickel (Laughlin)
Chase Clinghan (Pershing County) vs. Roger Atchley (Indian Springs)
Trent Dewitt (Eureka) vs. Austin Dunn (The Meadows)
Rahaad Gant (Rite of Passage) vs. Rusty Lewis (White Pine)
Dustin Sam (Owyhee) vs. Alex Green (Spring Mountain)
Dillon Wanner (Pershing County) vs. Christan Kruse (Laughlin)
Kyle Bahneman (Incline) vs. Archie Rusty (The Meadows)
Thomas Ackers (Eureka) vs. Derrek Oliver (Indian Springs)
Clayton Souza (Eureka) vs. John Marsh (Spring Mountain)
Chris Tangreen (Carlin) vs. Adam Reinke (Indian Springs)
Larry Harvey (Rite of Passage) vs. Brandon Miller (Pahranagat Valley)
Andrew Sisla (Excel Christian) vs. Josh Raimist (The Meadows)
Nick Holley (Battle Mountain) vs. Aaron Gonzalez (Spring Mountain)
John Hoehne (Eureka) vs. Jimmy Stout (Laughlin)
Justin Hultenschmidt (Pershing County) vs. Nick Vandever (Indian Springs)
Saul Radtke (Rite of Passage) vs. Pat Kenny (The Meadows)
Jack Ashcraft (Eureka) vs. Tristin Beesom (The Meadows)
John Karlburg (Silver Stage) vs. Adrian Soriano (unattached-Laughlin)
Joey Garcia (unattached-Eureka) vs. Sergio Eyraud (Indian Springs)
Tyler Craspay (Pershing County) vs. Allen Layno (Laughlin)
Jordan Cronin (Incline) vs. Andrew Holguin (White Pine)
K.W. Pete (Owyhee) vs. Ryan Theising (Pahranagat Valley)
Villisoni Angilau (Rite of Passage) vs. Nathan Miller (Lincoln County)
Mackenzie Schoori (Battle Mountain) vs. Jamie Volker (Laughlin)