Feher twins find success, enjoyment in part-time tennis

Mike and Megan Feher often stare across the net at players who have had far more tennis lessons than the two of them.

They lock eyes with opponents who live and breathe tennis.

And the twin seniors at Basic can’t help but smile.

The two don’t consider tennis their top sport and play as much for fun as for the thrill of winning, yet it hasn’t stopped either from being successful in a short period of time.

“Some kids we play against are so serious,” Mike said. “All they do all year is play tennis. We play three sports. We just relax.
“It’s funny when other players get all mad and start throwing their rackets or hitting balls into the fence. It’s just tennis. We just want to have fun.”

They’re winning while they’re having fun, though.

Mike Feher was a Sunrise Region doubles champion last season. His sister, who just started playing tennis last year, won a doubles match at regionals.

Both are even better this year.

“They’ve never taken a lesson,” Basic coach Bart Black said. “It’s their sheer athletic ability and their hard work. Mike comes out here early to hit. He’ll stay late. He’s just a smart player. He goes out and hits with Megan to help her improve.

“You can just look at Megan and see she’s an athlete. The learning curve is moving really fast. I’m shocked at how quickly they’ve improved.”

Mike began playing tennis as a freshman, when the school’s former tennis coach asked him to join the team. Megan followed two years later after seeing Mike and their older brother, Nick, play and enjoy the game.

“It’s just a fun sport to keep you occupied,” Megan said.

Still, the two encourage each other to always improve.

The running and hand-eye coordination involved in tennis also helps the twins get better at their main sport.

“Mike is a baseball player. That’s his sport,” Black said. “Megan’s a softball player. That’s her sport. They’re both all-conference-caliber players. They just picked up tennis as something to fill their time with.”

Mike is a second baseman and a pitcher on Basic’s baseball team. He’s hoping to play baseball in college.

Megan was a first-team All-Southeast League selection last year as a pitcher and shortstop on the softball team, but the one difference between the siblings is that Megan already has decided she won’t play sports in college.

“I like playing sports for fun,” she said. “I don’t like playing when it gets that serious. In college, I just want to get my education.”
Megan said she wants to be a teacher. Mike said he won’t rule out being a coach after his playing days conclude.

“I’ve had some coaches where all they do is yell at you,” Mike said. “If I coach, I want to make sure the kids have fun.”

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