2014 Boys Tennis Capsules


Head coach: Tom Gillespie, second season

2013 record: 6-7 (6-6 Sunset, fourth)

Top athletes: Noah Ferber

Outlook: The Lions qualified for the postseason last year and are hoping to return to the playoffs this year.


Head coach: Brian Griffin, first season

2013 record: 6-6 (5-5 Northwest, third)

Returning lettermen: Five

Top athletes: Nevin Ly (Sr.), Ashton Arizmendez (Sr.)

Outlook: The Aggies bring back five lettermen from a team that finished third in the Northwest League last year.

“This year’s goal is to match our last season’s record,” Griffin said.


Head coach: Bart Black, 17th season

2013 record: 6-5 (5-4 Southeast, third)

Returning lettermen: Nine

Top athletes: Tanner Roundy (Sr.), Logan Green (Sr.), Trever Berg (Jr.)

Outlook: Roundy, Green and Berg all advanced to the quarterfinals in the Sunrise Region doubles tournament last year. They lead a list of nine returnees.

“We’re returning seven of nine starters and have two incoming freshmen that will add depth to an already experienced roster,” Black said. “We’re hoping to make big improvement during the season and qualify for the playoffs.

“We should be very competitive against most teams.”


Head coach: Craig Witcher, 11th season

2013 record: 14-2 (10-0 Southwest, first)

Returning lettermen: Fifteen

Top athletes: Sam Sholeff (Jr.), Skylar Davidson (Jr.), Joe Connors (Sr.), Ian Dobberstein (Sr.), Conner Pensivy (Sr.), Daniel Kinas (So.), Aaron Bailey (Fr.), Grant Rogers (Fr.), Cole Davidson (Fr.)

Outlook: The Gaels return 15 lettermen from a squad that made its first trip to the state tournament in 10 years last season.

They did suffer one key loss, though, as state singles champion Dylan Levitt did not return to the team.

“With 15 returning players, we have a team with loads of experience,” Witcher said. “We have a number of promising freshmen joining our program.

“We expect to have another successful season with the goal of returning to the state tournament again. We expect to have fun and enjoy the team atmosphere.”


Head coach: Lindsay Powers, first season

2013 record: 4-10 (4-6 Southwest, fourth)

Returning lettermen: Two

Top athletes: Andy Stephenson (Sr.), Cyrus Nelson (Fr.), Weston Clark (So.), Justin Balconi (Fr.)

Outlook: The Bengals begin the season short of a having a full roster and are hoping to improve throughout the year.


Head coach: Eric Speaker, 14th season

2013 record: 3-9 (3-9 Sunrise, fifth)

Returning lettermen: Three

Top athletes: Eric Gros (Sr.), Andre Pappas (Fr.), Tanner Montgomery (Fr.)

Outlook: The Eagles bring back only three lettermen, but hope to show improvement.

“We have only one senior on the team,” Speaker said. “We have three freshmen players who will need to play important roles for us this year. Overall, it’s a very good group of athletes, and we are excited for the season to begin.”


Head coach: Cheryl Dameron, 10th season

2013 record: 0-11 (0-10 Northeast, sixth)

Returning lettermen: Two

Outlook: The Pioneers struggled last season and are hoping for improvement this year.

“We are in rebuilding mode, so we hope to have a good season,” Dameron said.


Head coach: Karryn Hirsch, second season

2013 record: 7-7 (7-5 Sunrise, third)

Top athletes: Brandon Scott (Jr.), Carlos Dadulla (Jr.)

Outlook: The Cowboys placed third in the Sunrise League last year, but turned over a lot of the roster.

“After losing many seniors last year, the boys team is building a team of fresh, new players,” Hirsch said.


Head coach: Leland Rost, first season

2013 record: 3-9 (2-8 Southwest, fifth)

Returning lettermen: Zero

Top athletes: Rodrigo Cardoso (Jr.), Trevor Huntly (So.), Adrian Lopez (Jr.)

Outlook: The Spartans start from scratch with a new coach and a new roster.

“This is a rebuilding year,” Rost said. “We are returning no players from last year’s team. Our goal is to improve as individual players and as a team.”


Head coach: Clarence Chun, ninth season

2013 record: 17-0 (12-0 Sunset, first)

Returning lettermen: Eleven

Top athletes: Chaitanya Ingle (Sr.), Andrew Lim (Sr.), Walt Benda (Sr.), Brian Gee (Sr.), Jeff Kwong (Sr.), Edward Cheng (Sr.)

Outlook: Eleven lettermen return from a team that captured the school’s second straight Division I-A state title last year.

Clark enters the season on a 35-match winning streak.

“Clark’s goal is to have fun, practice hard, play hard and to make the playoffs,” Chun said.


Head coach: Luther Bohanan, ninth season

2013 record: 18-0 (10-0 Southeast, first)

Returning lettermen: Nine

Top athletes: Ryland McDermott (Jr.), Sam Grant (Jr.)

Outlook: The two-time defending Division I state champions should be in position to compete for another crown.

“We’re looking forward to competing for the league and region championships,” Bohanan said.


Head coach: Bill Powell, third season

2013 record: 5-11 (1-9 Southeast, sixth)

Top athletes: Jonathan Hart (Sr.), Alex Walker (Sr.), Christian Wallace (Jr.), Matt Styck (Sr.)

Outlook: A move to the Division I-A Sunrise League could help the Dragons, who struggled to compete against the likes of Coronado and Liberty in the Southeast League.

“We have a good core of upperclassmen this season, as well as a few talented underclassmen,” Powell said. “We are looking to be competitive in the I-A Sunrise League.”


Head coach: Rich Luong, second season

2013 record: 3-10 (3-9 Sunrise, fifth)

Top athletes: Oscar Murillo (So.), Gerardo Sanchez (Sr.), Danny Keosavang (Sr.), Alejandro Macias (Jr.), Carlos Flores (Jr.), Adan Cano (Fr.), Artemio Gonzalez (Jr.), Princeton Fragoso (Jr.)

Outlook: The Jaguars have several newcomers who hope to help the team improve.

“The team will have three solid singles players who will win the bulk of their matches,” Luong said. “We aim to be in the middle of the pack, but might surprise some teams.”


Head coach: Phil Olsen, sixth season

2013 record: 2-9 (1-8 Southeast, fifth)

Returning lettermen: Six

Top athletes: Trevor Swain (Jr.), Jacob Sedillo (Sr.)

Outlook: Swain and Sedillo both advanced to the Sunrise Region quarterfinals in singles last season and are hoping to lead the Sundevils to a more successful season.

“We have a good core group of players returning,” Olsen said. “If they can continue to improve along with the new players, we should be competitive.”


Head coach: Jeff Foley, fourth season

2013 record: 15-6 (10-2 Sunset, second)

Returning lettermen: Nine

Top athletes: Jack Stevens (Jr.), Mario Stadtlander (Sr.)

Outlook: Stevens set a school recored with 35 victories in singles last season, and Stadtlander became the Crusaders’ first individual qualifier to the state meet last year.

They’re among nine lettermen who return for a squad that advanced to the state semifinals last year.

“The Crusaders are looking to keep the momentum going with nine returning lettermen as well as an influx of new talent from the middle school program and elsewhere,” Foley said. “The last two years this yeam has been dominated by freshmen and sophomores, and now all of those players have a lot of big match experience.

“We’re hopeful of making a fifth straight playoff appearance, and once there, seeing how the experience of a veteran team translates into postseason play.”


Head coach: Mark Richards, 10th season

2013 record: 7-7 (5-5 Southeast, fourth)

Returning lettermen: 11

Top athletes: Austin Wilson (Sr.), Kirk Peralta (Sr.)

Outlook: The Falcons bring back the bulk of a team that qualified for the Sunrise Region playoffs last year.

“With losing only two seniors to graduation, we hope to remain competitive and make the playoffs,” Richards said. “We will, however, be a little young with only two seniors on the roster.”


Head coach: Joe Ainsworth, second season

2013 record: 11-2 (10-0 Northeast, first)

Returning lettermen: 10

Top athletes: Mackay Boman (Jr.), John John (Jr.), Amar Shah (Sr.), Matthew Chen (Sr.)

Outlook: With 10 letterwinners back from a team that ran the table in the Northeast League, the Gators could be set up for a successful season.

“Although we are missing a few seniors and strong members from last year, we have a strong returning group who should be very strong this year,” Ainsworth said. “I’m glad to say that the team is looking a lot more cohesive than years in the past, so hopefully they can pull off some great team tennis here in the upcoming season.

“We have high hopes of competing deep into the regional tournament as a team and with individuals. Although the road is tough, I think the greatest goal for this team is to have the opportunity to compete for the state title.”


Head coach: Kade McAllister, first season

2013 record: 10-4 (8-2 Northeast, second)

Returning lettermen: Six

Top athletes: Trey Chauncey (So.), Ben Bowen (So.), Noah Ponce (Jr.), Kyle Monton (So.), Paul Swenson (Sr.), Shean Brunner (Sr.)

Outlook: McAllister inherits a team that brings back six lettermen after finishing second in the Northeast League last year.

“We have a young team that will look to improve as the season goes on,” McAllister said.


Head coach: Pat Welby, first season

2013 record: 2-9 (2-8 Southwest, fifth)

Top athletes: Austin Michals (Jr.), Willie Valdez (So.), Nick DeLuca (Sr.)

Outlook: Welby is hoping to bring success to a program that hasn’t had much of it.

“We’re looking to build the program and qualify for playoffs,” Welby said. “Five baseball players are out for the tennis team and are working very hard as multiple sport athletes.

“All of these young men have outstanding attitudes and are athletic and learning the game of tennis. Many are inexperienced tennis players but are doing a great job in preseason practices.”


Head coach: Kih Gourrier, ninth season

2013 record: 10-6 (7-3 Southeast, second)

Returning lettermen: Five

Top athletes: Dylan Ihmels (Sr.), Tristan Hoyle (Sr.), Al Gourrier (Sr.), Matt Drongensen (Sr.)

Outlook: The Patriots had just seven players on their team last year, but came up just one win shy of the state tournament.

The bulk of the team returns, including singles state qualifier Ihmels.

“The team lost only one boy from its state play-in finish last year and should be a force to be reckoned with in its new conference,” Gourrier said.


Head coach: Donna Swanson, ninth season

2013 record: 13-2 (12-0 Sunrise, first)

Returning lettermen: Seven

Top athletes: Andy Beckstrand (Jr.), Ethan Seely (Sr.), Koby Frei (Jr.), Riley Longman (Sr.)

Outlook: The Pirates return seven lettermen from a squad that ran the table in the Sunrise League.

Beckstrand was 15-5 in singles last year, and Seely (18-1), Frei (18-1) and Longman (14-4) all had a strong doubles season.

“Much potential comes with this team,” Swanson said. “Skills vary among seasoned athletes. We’re looking forward to building on capabilities and skills of new and seasoned athletes.

“We’re hoping to become contenders once again in semifinals and possibly advance to second or third round during state team and individual championships.”


Head coach: David Tatlock, second season

2013 record: 0-12 (0-12 Sunset)

Returning lettermen: Two

Top athletes: Anthony Gredinger (Sr.), Christian Manglicmot (Sr.), Akil West (So.)

Outlook: The Rattlers couldn’t field a full team last year, a battle the team fights on a yearly basis.

Gredinger went 19-10 in singles last year and is one of two returnees for a team that hopes to make strides.

“Mojave men’s tennis has never won a match,” Tatlock said. “We’ll be looking to change that this year, but numbers will still probably be too low to fill a full team. Our men’s team has improved significantly from last year.”


Head coach: Cheryl Perry, first season

2013 record: 2-8 (2-8 Northeast, fifth)

Returning lettermen: Five

Top athletes: Andy Gamboa (Sr.), Jacob Egan (Sr.), Abel Edossa (Sr.), Tyler Gehrig (Sr.)

Outlook: The Rams have five lettermen back and are hoping to show improvement this season.


Head coach: Enrico Litterini, 11th season

2013 record: 9-3 (8-2 Northwest, second)

Returning lettermen: Six

Top athletes: Eric Clark (Sr.)

Outlook: With six lettermen back from a team that finished second in the Northwest League, the Grizzlies should be in good stead to compete in the Sunset League this season.

“We’re looking forward to playing Division I-A,” Litterini said.


Head coach: Stephen Hong, first season

2013 record: 0-12 (0-12 Sunrise, seventh)

Outlook: The Miners didn’t field a full team last season, but are hoping to show individual improvement this year.


Head coach: Randy Michalik, first season

2013 record: 7-6 (7-5 Sunrise, fourth)

Top athletes: Christian Valle (Sr.)

Outlook: Valle finished second in boys singles in the Division I-A state tournament last year.

“Beyond him, the Roadrunners will be rebuilding as they lost seven seniors to graduation,” Michalik said.


Head coach: Matt Porter, 13th season

2013 record: 8-5 (6-4 Northeast, third)

Returning lettermen: Six

Top athletes: Marty Heavey (Jr.), Alex Gustilo (Jr.), Chase Fayeghi (Sr.), James Larson (So.)

Outlook: The Vikings return six lettermen, including Heavey (20-7), Gustilo (15-6) and Fayeghi (20-13), who all had solid seasons in doubles.

“The core of the team is very solid,” Porter said. “The new players should fit in well. This should be a solid tennis team.”


Head coach: Jon Felix, sixth season

2013 record: 10-3 (10-2 Sunrise, second)

Returning lettermen: Five

Top athletes: Tyler Hughes (Sr.), Chris Cannon (So.), Eric Luna (Jr.), Ryan Rushton (So.)

Outlook: The Bulldogs bring back five lettermen from a team that finished as the Sunrise League’s runnerup.

“The boys team is rebuilding after losing several strong seniors the last couple of years,” Felix said. “We have a young, promising team with hope of reaching the playoffs once again.”


Head coach: Chip Nelson, fourth season

2013 record: 0-13 (0-12 Sunset, tied for fifth)

Returning lettermen: Two

Top athletes: William Riggs (Sr.), Preston Jennings (Sr.), Ainsley Osawa (Jr.)

Outlook: The Warriors are hoping to show improvement this season after not fielding a full team last season.

“Western looks to be very competitive this season behind singles player Ainsley Osawa and doubles players William Riggs and Preston Jennings,” Nelson said.

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