Feb. 2 Girls Soccer Stat Leaders

Compiled by Tech coach Josh Jones from reports received from coaches.


Erica Peeples Arbor View 18
Kelsey Tesoro Shadow Ridge 18
Bethanie Skelton Centennial 13
Rachael Montoya Tech 12
Sienna Drizin Centennial 11
Minerva Massis Liberty 10
Taylor Reyes Palo Verde 10
Krysta Delamora Green Valley 9
Alyssa Kleiner Palo Verde 9
Sophie Krauza Centennial 9
Christen Parr Sierra Vista 9
Veronica Subu Coronado 9
Falon Miller Arbor View 8
Ashley Mosley Centennial 8
Shelbi Spooner Silverado 7
Gabby DeLeon Arbor View 6
Kelsey Kurth Shadow Ridge 6
Sila Tuiofea Palo Verde 6
Kayla Varner Green Valley 6
Ashlea Andrade Arbor View 5
Kori Jeffries Palo Verde 5
Jenny Martinez Desert Pines 5
Darien Walker Sierra Vista 5
Susie Abrego Liberty 4
Jonnette Cabral Sierra Vista 4
Alexa Garcia Silverado 4
Addison Guida Coronado 4
Mckenzie Karas Arbor View 4
Chase Marchello Chaparral 4
Kelsey Priest Shadow Ridge 4
Morgan Romito Coronado 4
Kathrine Runion Arbor View 4
Caity Weiss Shadow Ridge 4


Julie Owens Centennial 17
Sophie Krauza Centennial 9
Kayla Varner Green Valley 8
Darien Walker Sierra Vista 8
Ashlea Andrade Arbor View 7
Linsey Garn Chaparral 7
Mckenzie Karas Arbor View 7
Katie Comeno Eldorado 6
Kelsey Priest Shadow Ridge 6
Kelsey Tesoro Shadow Ridge 6
Alyssa Villamor Green Valley 6
Katrine Baker Sierra Vista 5
Natalie Fischer Palo Verde 5
Minerva Massis Liberty 5
Bethanie Skelton Centennial 5
Maci Fix Tech 4
Karla Flores Desert Pines 4
Kori Jeffries Palo Verde 4
Katie Konst Eldorado 4
Kelsey Kurth Shadow Ridge 4
Leticia Lopez Coronado 4
Bianca Norman Arbor View 4
Taylor Reyes Palo Verde 4
Taylor Richard Silverado 4
Melanie Stafford Centennial 4
Veronica Subu Coronado 4
Paige Terlizzi Liberty 4
Katelyn Thein Centennial 4
Mariah Ziegenbein Arbor View 4


Terryn Brown Sierra Vista 7
Alex Luevano Arbor View 7
Kylie Lowe Green Valley 6
Samantha Lewis Silverado 5
Brice Poort Shadow Ridge 5
Gretchen Mikulich Centennial 4
Kaylee D’Amoro Tech 3
Chynna Hartmann Eldorado 3
Michelle Panko Palo Verde 3
Mariah Abety Cimarron-Memorial 2
Megan Brown Shadow Ridge 2
Alexis Mansoor Coronado 2
Amanda Snyder Cimarron-Memorial 2

Leaders are compiled only for teams whose coach reported information. The following schools chose to submit stat leaders: Arbor View, Centennial, Chaparral, Cheyenne, Coronado, Desert Pines, Eldorado, Green Valley, Liberty, Palo Verde, Shadow RRidge, Sierra Vista, Spring Valley, Tech.

Coaches from all schools were asked to submit stats. If your team’s stats are not included, it is because the coach did not report them.

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