RECRUITING: Class of 2019 commitments

Updated January 8, 2019 - 12:28 pm


Name, School College Status
Gavin Amelburu, Green Valley UNLV Signed
Kris Bow, Centennial College of Southern Nevada Signed
Peyton Cole, Palo Verde Brigham Young Signed
Zach Hare, Centennial UNLV Signed
Brennan Holligan, Arbor View College of Southern Nevada Signed
Campbell Holt, Desert Oasis Southern California Signed
D.J. Jefferson, Desert Oasis Southern California Signed
Tyler Kim, Palo Verde MIT Committed
Austin Kryszczuk, Centennial UNLV Signed
Christian Lamar, Bishop Gorman San Francisco Signed
Dutch Landis, Bishop Gorman Arizona Signed
Will Martin, Bishop Gorman Texas Christian Signed
Ethan O’Neal, Liberty Dixie State (Utah) Signed
Jesse Pierce, Arbor View Arkansas Signed
Austin Raleigh, Palo Verde UNLV Signed
Aaron Roberts, Desert Oasis California Signed
Bryce Robison, Palo Verde Brigham Young Signed
Josh Sharman, Desert Oasis UNLV Signed
Parker Schmidt, Desert Oasis Oregon Signed
Shane Spencer, Basic Long Beach State Signed
Name, School College Status
PJ Fuller, Findlay Prep Texas Christian Signed
Jalen Hill, Clark Oklahoma Signed
Antwon Jackson, Clark Arkansas State Signed
Jace Roquemore, Foothill UC San Diego Signed
Name, School College Status
Olivia Childress, Liberty Arizona Christian Signed
Shania Harper, Sierra Vista New Mexico State Signed
Quinece Hatcher, Centennial Youngstown State Signed
Melanie Isbell, Centennial UNLV Signed
Eboni Walker, Centennial Arizona State Signed
Name, School College Status
Kyle Beaudry, Liberty UNLV Signed
Isaiah Bigby, Clark Dixie State Committed
Jordan Blakely, Foothill Air Force Committed
Semaj Bolin, Coronado Portland State Signed
Cade Briggs, Bishop Gorman New Meixco Signed
Billy Davis, Arbor View Southern Utah Committed
Sir Oliver Everett, Faith Lutheran UNLV Committed
Troy Fautanu, Liberty Washington Signed
Austin Fiaseu, Liberty UNLV Signed
Kyle Graham, Arbor View Augustana Committed
Sagan Gronauer, Faith Lutheran Idaho State Signed
David Heckard, Faith Lutheran Arizona State Committed
Falcon Kaumatule, Bishop Gorman Utah Signed
Kyu Kelly, Bishop Gorman Stanford Signed
Treven Ma’ae, Bishop Gorman Oregon Signed
Kevin McGuire, Liberty Idaho Committed
Tye Moore, Desert Pines New Mexico Signed
Derek Reese, Moapa Valley Southern Utah Committed
Beau Taylor, Bishop Gorman UCLA Signed
Noah Thompson, Mojave Montana State Northern Committed
Luke Toomalatai, Liberty Idaho State Committed
Cameron Wiley, Desert Pines Minnesota Signed
Brandon Yates, Liberty West Virginia Signed
Name, School College Status
Dylan Fritz, Coronado New Mexico Signed
Matthew Manganello, Eldorado Fresno State Signed
Michael Sarro, Coronado Cal Baptist Signed
Name, School College Status
Victoria Estrada, Coronado Utah Valley Signed
Crystle Querol, Coronado Colorado Mesa Signed
Name, School College Status
Marcella Brooks, Centennial UNLV Signed
Alysa Caso, Coronado UNLV Signed
Jaelyn Eisenhart, Coronado Southern California Signed
Ashtyn Fink, Bishop Gorman Vanderbilt Signed
Carlee Giammona, Palo Verde Alabama Signed
Gianna Gourley, Bishop Gorman Iowa Signed
Kaitlyn Kowalchuk, Coronado Washington State Signed
Laila Loring, Durango Grambling State Signed
Zia Makhathini, Coral Academy Yale Committed
Haley Meusy, Coronado UNLV Signed
Heather Mitchell, Coronado UNLV Signed
Taylor O’Neill, Green Valley Xavier Signed
Devyn Parsons, Green Valley Colorado Mesa Signed
Amanda Page, Centennial Dixie State (Utah) Committed
Taryn Phillips, Palo Verde Campbell Signed
Taylor Puckett, Sierra Vista Yale Committed
Cassie Robinson, Desert Oasis Humboldt State Signed
Isabel Rolley, Bishop Gorman Southern California Signed
Taylore Simmons, Shadow Ridge North Dakota State Signed
Madison Sonerholm, Faith Lutheran Dixie State (Utah) Signed
Madison Stenslie, Faith Lutheran Oklahoma Signed
Kate Swanis, Bishop Gorman North Dakota State Signed
Hailey Thomas, Green Valley Vanguard University Signed
Paris Walsh, Centennial North Dakota State Signed
Name, School College Status
Makenzie Andrews, Foothill Bethany College (Kansas) Signed
Brooke Beaman, Arbor View Presentation College (S.D.) Signed
Shea Clements, Shadow Ridge Dixie State (Utah) Signed
Caitlyn Covington, Shadow Ridge Southern Utah Signed
Roxanne Ines, Arbor View Minot State Signed
Clara Heislen, Faith Lutheran Concordia-St. Paul Signed
Hannah Hickstein, Arbor View Northern Illinois Signed
Megan Johnson, Silverado Hawaii-Hilo Signed
Ashley Ward, Coronado Montana Signed
Name, School College Status
Valerie Kitchens, Green Valley UNR Signed
Elle Renner, Tech Tennessee Signed
Name, School College Status
Scott Solan, Palo Verde Pepperdine Signed
Name, School College Status
McCallister Gayle, Coronado North Dakota Signed
Dani Mason, The Meadows California-San Diego Signed
Name, School College Status
Connor Bourne, Faith Lutheran American University (D.C.) Signed