Southern Nevada’s top running back countdown — No. 5

Cimarron-Memorial’s Tyree Riley comes in at No. 5 on our #NVprepsfb list of Southern Nevada’s top five running backs.

To create the list, we spoke with coaches from the Sunrise and Sunset Regions in both 4A and 3A. A couple of the base questions were: “Who is the top high school running back today?” and “Who would you pick to start a team?”

Then we grabbed the statistics from last season, looked at the player’s collective rankings on recruiting websites and used our own judgment to fill holes.

This resulted in the #NVprepsfb running back rank. The list is based off high school productivity and not college or professional potential. Stay tuned for our wide receiver/pass catcher and defensive player lists that will be unveiled in the next two weeks.

#NVprepsfb Running Back Rank: Cimarron-Memorial’s Tyree Riley No. 5




5 feet, 10 inches; 180 pounds


All-state honorable mention (2015); second-team All-Northwest League (2015)



Last Year’s Stats

Riley rushed for 1,439 yards and six touchdowns for the Spartans, who finished 2-8. He averaged 6.2 yards per carry.

What they are saying?

— “I thought he was (Cimarron’s) best player by far,” one Sunrise Region football coach said. “He was a workhorse. He runs hard. It wasn’t a secret who was getting the ball. We were very impressed with him.”

— “That kid is a great runner,” one Sunset Region football coach said. “He definitely stands out. I knew just by watching film on him. He runs really hard, breaks tackles and finishes runs. A lot of the extra yardage is running after contact. You’ve got to love a hard-nosed kid like that.”

— “He’s just a good athlete and a good football player,” one Sunset Region football coach said.

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