#NVprepsfb top quarterback countdown — No. 5

Updated July 3, 2017 - 5:19 pm

Faith Lutheran’s Sagan Gronauer comes in at No. 5 on our #NVprepsfb list of Southern Nevada’s top five quarterbacks.

To create the list, we spoke with coaches from the Sunrise and Sunset Regions in both Class 4A and 3A. A couple of the base questions were: “Who is the top high school quarterback today?” and “Who would you pick to start a team?”

Then we grabbed the statistics from last season, looked at the player’s collective rankings on recruiting websites and used our own judgment to fill holes.

This resulted in the #NVprepsfb quarterback rank. The list is based off high school productivity and not college or professional potential. Stay tuned for our running back, wide receiver/pass catcher and defensive player lists that will be unveiled each week until the end of July.

#NVprepsfb Quarterback Rank: Faith Lutheran’s Sagan Gronauer No. 5




6 feet, 1 inch; 170 pounds


All-Northwest League Honorable Mention (2016)



Last Year’s Stats

Gronauer completed 112 of 231 passes (48.5 percent) for 1,731 yards and 16 touchdowns last season as a sophomore. He threw just six interceptions and ran for 164 yards and six TDs for the Crusaders.

What they are saying?

— “He should have definitely been all-conference,” one Sunset Region football coach said. “This kid is going to take a lot of people by storm.”

— “He’s probably the top returning quarterback in (the Northwest) League,” one Sunset Region football coach said. “He’s got some good targets to throw to, that’s for sure with that (Elijah) Kothe kid. He does a nice job getting the ball out and running that offense.”

— “He delivers a good ball and runs the ball well enough,” one Sunset Region football coach said. “He’s a good dual-threat, and (Faith Lutheran) does a good job of mixing it up.”

— “He’s not bad, but it helps that he’s got some very talented receivers,” one Sunset Region football coach said. “He throws the deep ball well and uses those big receivers. He struggles with intermediate short passes.”

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