FIELDER’S CHOICES: What goes up, must come down — just like my grades

Wow, my picks are starting to look like my grades. Each week, the percentage drops.

Only 6-2 straight up last week, and just 5-3 when you throw in the points, so it’s time to get rolling again.

BTW, just a quick note for people who ask where my pick is on their team. I can’t pick every game because I can’t possibly get out to every practice, study every game film and still have time to do homework. I sleep in class enough as it is.

And for those who want to know why I don’t pick other sports, two reasons.

One, I’m not doing all that great in football, which I think I know something about, so why would I want to try anything else?

And two, if I pick against a certain school’s volleyball or girls soccer team, I might get sued. I don’t have all that much, but I don’t want anyone taking my cell phone and iPod.

On to this week’s picks:

Cheyenne (3-0) at Palo Verde (3-0) — This really should be a Week 10 game. It’s like playing the Super Bowl in September.

I absolutely love the Desert Shields (and their cheerleaders … the one on the end is smokin’ … oops, sorry, back to the game).

Marcus Sullivan is chewing up yards like mad. He’s already scored 10 touchdowns, including four on plays of 60 or more yards. Kid can fly.

Damien Proby leads a defense that has been just as good, giving up only two touchdowns this year (plus one on a kick return).

Cheyenne wants badly to beat Palo and be the division’s top dog. But I love the Panthers, too, with all their running backs and speed and defense.

Give me two picks of any guys in town I could have on my team, and I’ll take Torin Harris and Chaz Thomas.

Both teams run, so they’ll play it in less than two hours. Could go either way, so let’s go with the upset. Cheyenne by 3.

Basic (2-1) at Coronado (2-1) — Speaking of upsets, Basic started 2-0 before a loss to Chaparral last week.

Coronado got stunned by Sierra Vista last week.

Practice hasn’t been fun for either team. But it’s the start of league play, so a fresh slate for everyone.

Robby Faiman (it’s Robby not Robbie) has had a good start under center for the Wolves. He’ll look sharp tonight.

The Cougars weren’t great in Week 1 or Week 3, but looked good against Shadow Ridge in Week 2. Maybe they’re an every-other-week team.

Maybe not. Basic by 6.

Liberty (2-1) at Silverado (3-0) — The Skyhawks are keeping their athletic trainers busy. (Want to see athletic trainers get really mad, just call them trainers … ticks them off … don’t ask me why … like someone would confuse them for horse trainers or something.)

When you’ve got talented runners such as Michael Wadsworth and Dariouse Gravely, you can afford to be without Terran Madu-Jules every now and then. Doesn’t hurt when your defense is freakin’ fantastic, too.

Liberty is coming off a blowout win over Durango and even had freshman Jordan Kapeli take one to the house.

That was Durango. This is Silverado. Silverado by 10.

Arbor View (3-0) at Mojave (0-2) — No love from me last week for the Aggies. I learned my lesson.

Arbor View already has more wins this year than it had last year … and there’s no stopping Gabe Toney on offense or defense. He’s a beast.

Mojave was really good last year, going 8-2. Not happening this year.

No more picking against the Aggies for me. They’re going 4-0. Arbor View by 12.

Centennial (2-1) at Legacy (3-0) — For real, who thought both Legacy and Arbor View would be 3-0 in the same year? Not me.

Deshae Edwards spent the first half of last week’s game handing the ball to the ref after crossing the goal line … even one-upped my boy Prince Oroke.

Centennial has to bounce back quick after coming up short against Silverado last week. I’m still thinking Chris Henderson and the Bulldogs are one of the better teams in town, and I’m still on the bandwagon. Centennial by 5.

Durango (0-3) at Bishop Gorman (3-1) — Gorman finally plays a team from Nevada, and it’s Durango?

This year’s Gorman isn’t last year’s Gorman, but it still has Justin Chaisson and Alex Turner, and it’s just fierce on defense.

Durango has been outscored 130-28 so far. It can only get better. Just not tonight. Gorman by 26.

Francis Parker (Calif.) at Faith Lutheran (3-0) — I had to Google Francis Parker this week.

Turns out if he were still alive, he’d be 171 years old, which has to make him very slow and slightly ineligible to play high school sports. I mean, this one guy in English class is 22 and he’s old, but 171?

There’s excitement in the office this week because David Sperry might be back. And he’ll run and throw right past any 171-year-old guy. If he’s not back, I still like Joe Portaro. Faith Lutheran by 6.

Calvary Chapel (1-1) at The Meadows (2-1) — The Meadows finally scored more than 20 points in a game last week, sending that Chad Wick guy back to California with a loss.

Gerard Martinez was throwing lasers with his left arm, tossing five TD passes after his team was down 20-0.

Those five passes are four more touchdowns than Calvary Chapel had scored all year. Calvary played eight-man football last year.

The Meadows should let them play with 13 tonight … one for every point The Meadows wins by. The Meadows by 13.

Last week: 5-3 (spread), 6-2 (straight up).

Overall: 16-6 (spread), 19-3 (straight up).

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