FIELDER’S CHOICE: Don’t sleep on my Thursday pick

It’s funny: My teachers and the school district want me to go to class.
And then they go and schedule Thursday night football games.
Exactly how am I supposed to be a day early in my scouting reports, go to another game, still make weekly picks and get any homework done if I don’t sleep in class?
I know, right?
Thursday night football is here, and maybe even to stay, until the end of the year. There hasn’t been can’t-miss TV like this since that Jell-O Pudding Pop guy had his own show.
My first full choices will be up tomorrow night if the guys at still put my stuff online. In the meantime, here’s the Thursday night special.
Chaparral at Silverado
Injuries, off-field issues and a few other things sidetracked Silverado, which if it weren’t for Coronado, would have led the Southeast League in steals last year.
Trent Tipton is back at quarterback and is 99.9 percent healthy. That’s almost 100.
With Dariouse Gravely and Terran Madu-Jules in the backfield, the Skyhawks have plenty of offense. The defense should be good, too.
Chaparral has a new coach and a whole lot of speed. Greg Tucker will be the primary offensive weapon, but other teams know that.
The Cowboys’ secondary should be the strength of its defense. They’ll get plenty of practice against the Skyhawks. Silverado by 10.