ROUNDUP: Reddick’s pins pace Desert Oasis to pair of wins

Johnmark Reddick recorded two pins at 160 pounds Wednesday, helping host Desert Oasis’ wrestling team to a 45-35 win over Bonanza and a 42-36 win over Bishop Gorman.

Against the Bengals, Desert Oasis also got pins from Alec Gurue-Lovate (120) and Gabriel Irenze (152).

William Orchard (113), Jake Johnson (182), Spencer Stewart (195) and Hunter Rossman (220) each won by pins for Bonanza.

Against the Gaels, the Diamondbacks also got pins from Joseph Fuentes (126), Marcos Fitzpatrick (138) and Napaul Cavazos (145).

Gorman’s Ismail Segura (195) and Sam Fench (220) won by pin.

Bonanza 47, Bishop Gorman 36 — At Desert Oasis, Orchard (113), Ash Johnson (138), Daniel Shaw (170), Stewart (195) and Rossman (220) won by pin to lead the Bengals over the Gaels.

Sean Randles (120) and heavyweight George Papacostas won by pin for Gorman.

Cimarron-Memorial 59, Legacy 15 — At Legacy, Paul Bagnoli (120), Jacob Saavedra (132), Paul Hammontree (160), Jesse Ramos (195) and Austin Sinyard (285) each picked up a pin as the Spartans topped the Longhorns.

Josh Phillips (182) won by pin for Legacy.

Cimarron-Memorial 50, Centennial 18 —
 At Legacy, Jesse Saavedra (113), Jacob Saavedra (132), Michael Barnson (152), Hammontree (160) and Logan Taylor (170) were winners by pin to help the Spartans top the Bulldogs.

Hunter Brown (182) won by pin for Centennial.

Centennial 69, Legacy 9 — At Legacy, the Bulldogs recorded 10 pins in a win over the Longhorns.

James Kurashige (113), Shaeden Santana (120), Robbie Cobler (132), Ben Navarro (138), John Endo (145), David Porter (160), Brown (182), Chase Barber (195), Jerry Arroyo (220) and Jordan Karst (220) won by pin for Centennial.

Mojave 46, Cheyenne 30 — At Cheyenne, the Rattlers won nine of the 14 weight classes to down the Desert Shields.

Rene Ruiz (113), Nestor Chaidez (138), Jordan Callaway (152), Andrew Gomez (160), Matt Albinio (182), and Brandon Hurtado (220) won by pin for Mojave.

Jason Arnold (120) and Dustin Seprish (145) won by pin for Cheyenne.

Foothill 51, Coronado 15 — At Foothill, Alec Fischman won by pin in 1:35 at 120 pounds to lead the Falcons over the Cougars.

Bobby Merritt (145) and Jacob Ozuna (182) also won by fall for Foothill.

Eldorado 50, Del Sol 21 — At Eldorado, Chris Rodriguez (132) recorded a pin in 54 seconds to propel the Sundevils past the Dragons.

Trevor Perez (113), Luis Perez (120), Daniel Garcia (126), Terrell Washington (145), and Tre’Quis Harris (182) each won by pin for Eldorado.

Desert Pines 45, Moapa Valley 34 — At Desert Pines, heavyweight Michael Cisneros posted a pin in 11 seconds to vault the Jaguars past the Pirates.

Eglin Praslin-Orozco (113), Jonathan Velasco (132), Diego Mendoza (152), Allan Isaguirre (182), and Jorge Magana (195) all recorded pins for Desert Pines.

Trystin Deal (138) won by pin in 45 seconds for Moapa Valley.

Pahrump Valley 58, Clark 13 — At Pahrump, the Trojans easily bested the Chargers, getting pins from Kevin Pierra (106), Levi Gundacker (113), Matt Hughes (132), Dylan Vargas (170), Scott

Maughan (160), Jackson Clayton (195) and Kyle Daffer (285).

Paul Maynard won by pin at 182 for Clark.

Boulder City 78, Sunrise Mountain 0 — At Sunrise Mountain, the Eagles won all 14 weight classes in a rout of the Miners.

Michael Morelli (106), Clinton Garvin (120), James Smith (126), Thomas Prach (145), Billy Viera (160), Nelson Van Diest (170), Brandon Foster (195), and Jackson Dunagan (220) each recorded a pin for Boulder City.

Bonanza 47, Bishop Gorman 36
106—Al. Martin, BG, won by forfeit. 113—Orchard, Bon, p. Bent, 0:53. 120—Randles, BG, p. Gonazalez, 1:39. 126—Solari, BG, won by forfeit. 132—Barreri, BG, won by forfeit. 138—A. Johnson, Bon, p. Edelman, 0:37. 145—Cowden, BG, won by forfet. 152—Pakulak, Bon, won by forfeit. 160—White, Bon, d. Mackin, 16-0. 170—Shaw, Bon, p. Kitchen, 5:18. 182—J. Johnson, Bon, won by forfeit. 195—Stewart, Bon, p. Segura, 1:53. 220—Rossman, Bon, p. Fench, 2:25. 285—Papacostas, BG, p. Bruce, 1:21.
Boulder City 78, Sunrise Mountain 0
106—Morelli, BC, p. Torres, 3:15. 113—Fox, BC, won by forfeit. 120—C. Garvin, BC, p. Chalas, 1:33. 126—Smith, BC, p. Perez, 2:30. 132—P. Garvin, BC, won by forfeit. 138—Rodriguez, BC, won by forfeit. 145—Prach, BC, p. Cruz, no time. 152—Dennington, BC, d. Martinez, 8-4. 160—Viera, BC, p. Smith, 0:52. 170—Van Diest, BC, p. Diaz. 182—Reynolds, BC, won by forfeit. 195—Foster, BC, p. Owens, 1:35. 220—Dunagan, BC, p. Perez, 0:17. 285—Tanefski, BC, d. Diaz, 1-0.
Centennial 69, Legacy 9
106—Salinas, L, won by forfeit. 113—Kurashige, C, p. Williams, 3:39. 120—Santana, C, p. Jones, 1:18. 126—Maraccini, C, won by forfeit. 132—Cobler, C, d. Atkinson, 6-1. 138—Navarro, C, p. Evans, 0:52. 145—Endo, C, p. Cece, 0:59. 152—Lesner, C, won by forfeit. 160—Porter, C, p. Tanner, 0:56. 170—Sorenson, L, d. Boeheme, 6-3. 182—Brown, C, p. Phillips, 3:59. 195—Barber, C, p. Steltmier, 1:11. 220—Arroyo, C, p. Sink, 2:33. 285—Karst, C, p. Lugris, 0:47.
Cimarron-Memorial 50, Centennial 18
106—Chamanzad, CM, won by forfeit. 113—Saavedra, CM, p. Kurashige, 2:19. 120—Bagnoli, CM, d. Santana, 9-4. 126—Laurente, CM, d. Maraccini, 12-3. 132—Saavedra, CM, p. Cobler, 2:49. 138—Thomas, CM, d. Navarro, 10-5. 145—Price, CM, d. Endo, 9-3. 152—Barnson, CM, p. Lesner, 3:00. 160—Hammontree, CM, p. Hui 2:41. 170—Taylor, CM, p. Boeheme 2:47. 182—Brown, Cen, p. Fletcher, 3:15. 195—Barber, Cen, d. Ramos 12-1. 220—Arroyo, Cen, won by forfeit. 285—Karst, Cen, d. Sinyard, 4-1.
Cimarron-Memorial 59, Legacy 15
106—Chamanzad, CM, d. Salinas 5-4. 113—Saavedra, CM, d. Williams, 17-1. 120—Bagnoli, CM, p. Jones 2:24. 126—Laurente, CM, won by forfeit. 132—Saavedra, CM, d. Atkinson 19-12. 138—Thomas, CM, p. Evans 0:13. 145—Price, CM, p. Cece 0:26. 152—Barnson, CM, won by forfeit. 160—Hammontree, CM, p. Tanner 0:38. 170—Sorenson, L, d. Taylor, 3-1. 182—Phillips, L, p. Fletcher 0:31. 195—Ramos, CM, p. Steltmier 3:05. 220—Sink, L, won by forfeit. 285—Sinyard, CM, p. Lugris 0:08.
Desert Oasis 45, Bonanza 35
106—Ja. Reddick, DO, won by forfeit. 113—Orchard, Bon, p. Wood, 0:39. 120—Gurue-Lovate, DO, p. Gonzalez, 0:35. 126—Fuentes, DO, won by forfeit. 132—Martinez, DO, won by forfeit. 138—A. Johnson, Bon, d. Fitzpatrick, 17-1. 145—Na. Cavazos, DO, won by forfeit. 152—Irenze, DO, p. Pakulak, 3:31. 160—Jo. Reddick, DO, p. White, 4:35. 170—Shaw, Bon, won by forfeit. 182—Johnson, Bon, p. Fong, 2:23. 195—Stewart, Bon, p. Ne. Cavazos, 0:34. 220—Rossman, Bon, p. Knipp, DO, 2:24. 285—Boblitz, DO, d. Bruce, 5-4.
Desert Oasis 42, Bishop Gorman 36
106—Al. Martin, BG, d. Ja. Reddick, 15-1. 113—Bent, BG, d. Wood, 11-3. 120—Randles, BG, d. Gurue-Lovate 10-7. 126—Fuentes, DO, p. Burgels, 2:37. 132—Barreri, BG, p. Martinez, 1:16. 138—Fitzpatrick, DO, p. Edelman, 1:27. 145—Na. Cavazos, DO, p. Cowden, 5:38. 152—Irenze, DO, won by forfeit. 160—Jo. Reddick, DO, p. Mackin, 1:28. 170—Kitchen, BG, won by forfeit. 182—Strong, DO, won by forfeit. 195—Segura, BG, p. Ne. Cavazos, 1:19. 220—Fench, BG, p. Knipp, 3:33. 285—Boblitz, DO, p. Papacostas, 0:37.
Desert Pines 45, Moapa Valley 34
106—Rocha, DP, won by forfeit. 113—Praslin-Orozco, DP, p. Griffith, 1:00. 120—Z. Baldwin, MV, p. Sigala, 2:52. 126—Witler, MV, won by forfeit. 132—Velasco, DP, p. D. Baldwin, 2:45. 138—Deal, MV, p. Cruz, 1:15. 145—Bodin, MV, d. Navarro, 10-3. 152—Mendoza, DP, p. Barrazo, 1:51. 160—Heki, DP, d. Barren, 7-4. 170—Repp, MV, p. Monahan, 2nd period. 182—Isaguerre, DP, p. Nellington, 3:10. 195—Nagana, DP, p. Mortenson, 3:52. 220—Shyface, MV, won by forfeit. 285—Cisneros, DP, p. O’Toole, 0:11.
Eldorado 50, Del Sol 21
106—Monroy, DS, won by forfeit. 113—T. Perez, E, d. Wong, 12-4. 120—L. Perez, E, p. C. Wallace, 2:22. 126—Garcia, E, p. Marcos, 5:13. 132—C. Rodriguez, E, p. Davis, 0:54. 138—Valenzuela, E, won by forfeit. 145—Washington, E, p. Preciado, 2:11. 152—Flores, E, d. Perez, 6-4. 160— Valdez, DS, p. Koc, 5:42. 170—A. Wallace, DS, p. Montero, 5:23. 182—Tre’Quis Harris, E, p. Coleway, 1:17. 195—Mellott, DS, d. Torres, 10-6, 4OT. 220—Villareal, E, d. Nutterbush, 7-2. 285—Dennis, E, d. Romero, 8-0.
Foothill 51, Coronado 15
106—Lizares, FH, d. Giordano, 9-2. 113—Sinnett, FH, won by forfeit. 120—Fischman, FH, p. Polish, 1:35. 126—Blanco, Cor, d. Beyler, 13-1. 132—Rios, FH, d. Webster, 7-1. 138—Thomas, Cor, d. Gomez, tech fall. 145—Merritt, FH, p. Brock, 3:15. 152—Thomas, FH, d. Robinson, 2-0. 160—Reavy, FH, d. Cooper, 9-6. 170—Kielty, FH, d. Gardner, 7-5. 182—Ja. Ozuna, FH, p. Harris, 2:53. 195—Jo. Ozuna, FH, won by forfeit. 220—Murphy, Cor, won by forfeit. 285—Reid, FH, won by forfeit.
Mojave 46, Cheyenne 30
106—Sell, CH, won by forfeit. 113—Ruiz, Moj, p. Moore, 2:13. 120—Arnold, CH, p. Delgado, 1:43. 126—Monzon, CH, p. Moreno, 2:14. 132—Ortiz, Moj, p. Vellinga, 0:54. 138—Chaidez, Moj, p. Ludwig, 3:29. 145—Seprish, CH, p. Corona, 3:10. 152—Callaway, Moj, d. Schuler, 1-0. 160—Gomez, Moj, p. Baldes, 0:35. 170—double forfeit. 182—Albinio, Moj, p. Carmona, :44. 195—White, Moj, won by forfeit. 220—Hurtado, Moj, p. Prieto, 2:43. 285—Magana, CH, won by forfeit.
Pahrump Valley 58, Clark 13
106—Pierra, PV, p. Cooper 3:54. 113—Gundacker, PV, p. DeAnda 0:58. 120—Nelson, PV, d. Camacho 16-6. 126—Gomez, PV, d. Tate 15-11. 132—Hughes, PV, p. Yeh 3:04. 138—McCormick, PV, d. Gullick 8-6. 145—Richardson, PV, p. Banuelos 1:26. 152—Yoder, Cl, d. Roushia 12-2. 160—Maughan, PV, p. Godman 1:46. 170—Vargas, PV, p. Jackson 1:11. 182—Maynard, Cl, p. Paus 1:59. 195—Clayton, PV, p. Hervis 1:25. 220—Centeno, Cl, d. Clayton 7-6. 285—Daffer, PV, p. Bolshazy 2:52.