ROUNDUP: Patriots roll to wins over Wolves, Dragons

Anthony Kaulili, Jordan Joseph and Mike Siwiec each won by pin Thursday to help Liberty’s wrestling team to a 47-24 win over Basic at Del Sol.

Kaulili (145 pounds) and Siewec (195) also had pins for the Patriots in a 68-9 victory over the host Dragons.

In the other match, Basic won seven matches by pin, including five in the first period, to top Del Sol 54-16.

Cameron Kofford led the way for the Wolves, marching to a pin in 13 seconds at 160 pounds.

Boulder City tops Desert Oasis, falls to Canyon View
At Boulder City, Collin Fox (106), Clinton Garvin (113), Jeremiah Rodriguez (132), Thomas Prach (138) and Joe Tanefski (285) each recorded a pin as the Eagles defeated Desert Oasis, 56-16.

Tyler Washburn (152), Frankie Badgley (195) and Brandon Foster (220) added pins in Boulder City’s first match, but Canyon View (Utah) still edged the Eagles, 36-35.

Canyon View also rolled to a 52-18 win over Desert Oasis.

Canyon Springs takes a pair
At Canyon Springs, Austin Burgueno (152) earned two pins in less than a minute to lead the host Pioneers to wins over Chaparral and Eldorado.

Burgueno won by fall in 24 seconds in a 58-18 win over Chaparral. He cruised to a 55-second pin as the Pioneers topped Eldorado, 45-27.

Canyon Springs had four pins in less than a minute against Chaparral, and won three matches in less than a minute against Eldorado.

Brandon Famous had the quickest fall of the night, winning by pin against Eldorado in nine seconds.
Eldorado won seven matches by pin in a 74-5 rout of Chaparral.

Eldorado’s Mike Williams (285) pinned both his opponents in less than a minute.

Basic 54, Del Sol 16
106—Gomez, Bas, won by forfeit. 113—double forfeit. 120—Thompson, Bas, p. Xiong, 1:05. 126—Stamey, Bas, p. Gutierrez, 0:40. 132—Hernandez, Bas, p. Davis, 3:32. 138—Church, Bas, p. Handyside, 1:12. 145—Granados, Bas, p. Preciado-Barragan, 1:06. 152—Bodenlos, Bas, won by forfeit. 160—Kofford, Bas, p. Valdez, 0:13. 170—Del Rio, DS, p. Contreras, 1:11. 182—Miller, DS, d. Plapp, 13-5. 195—Rutterbush, DS, d. Hernandez, 5-4. 220—Pretasky, Bas, p. Ortiz, 4:32. 285—Nelson, DS, d. Steinline, 12-7.
Boulder City 56, Desert Oasis 16
106—Fox, BC, p. Wood, 1:01. 113—C. Garvin, BC, p. Cravin, 3:46. 120—Amos, DO, p. Kazel, 3:02. 126—Thomas, DO, d. P. Garvin, 4-2. 132—Rodriguez, BC, p. Irenze, 2:59. 138—Prach, BC, p. Fitzpatrick, 1:40. 145—Bethany, BC, won by forfeit. 152—Washburn, BC, d. Robinson, 2-0. 160—Reddick, DO, d. Viera, 7-5. 170—Simonsen, BC, won by forfeit. 182—Carino, DO, d. Reynolds, 10-1. 195—Badgley, BC, d. Barnes, 18-2. 220—Foster, BC, won by forfeit. 285—Tanefski, BC, p. Sanchez, 3:53.
Canyon Springs 58, Chaparral 18
106—Sykes, CS, p. Wackouorth, 1:28. 113—Salas, Chap, won by forfeit. 120—Gurro, Chap, d. Jackson, 9-5. 126—Bruce, CS, p. Freeriantho, 1:10. 132—Martinez, CS, p. Luciano, 2:49. 138—Castillo, CS, p. Phoenix, 3:15. 145—Albrica, CS, d. Briane, 12-0. 152—Smith, CS, p. Nava, 0:14. 160—Burgueno, CS, p. Davis, 0:24.  170—Lestange, Chap, d. Serna, 10-7. 182—Carson, CS, p. Skeus, 0:47. 195—Famous, CS, won by forfeit. 220—Leos, CS, won by forfeit. 285—Hernandez, Chap, p. Diaz, 1:49.
Canyon Spring 45, Eldorado 27
106—Perez, Eld, p. Sykes, 1:27. 113—Silvey, Eld, won by forfeit. 120—Jackson, CS, p. Rodriguez, 3:05. 126—Bruce, CS, p. Valenzuela, 0:33. 132—Dodge, Eld, d. Martinez, 10-7. 138—Castillo, CS, p. Helgerson, 1:25. 145—Price, Eld, d. Albrica, 12-5. 152—Smith, CS, d. Brewer, 3-0. 160—Burgueno, CS, p. Koc, 0:55. 170—Smith, Eld, d. Serna, 16-9. 182—Carson, CS, p. Harris, 2:25. 195—Famous, CS, p. Rubio, 0:09. 220—Leos, CS, p. Hieght 1:29. 285—Williams, Eld, p. Diaz, 0:36.
Canyon View (Utah) 36, Boulder City 35
106—Robinson, CV, p. Fox, third period. 113—C. Garvin, BC, d. Lopez, 10-6. 120—Mackelprany, CV, p. Kazel, 2:13. 126—Robinson, CV, p. P. Garvin, 0:40. 132—Bass, CV, p. Rodriguez, 4:35. 138—Lopez, CV, d. Prach, 12-3. 145—Bethany, BC, d. Miller, 2-0. 152—Washburn, BC, p. Tripp, 3:16. 160—Viera, BC, d. Peterson, 6-2 (OT). 170—Simonsen, BC, d. Baldivino, 9-7 (OT). 182—Reynolds, BC, d. Cohger, 8-1. 195—Badgley, BC, p. Barney, 1:12. 220—Foster, BC, p. Calderon, 3:25. 285—Torres, CV, p. Tanefski, 1:08.
Eldorado 74, Chaparral 5
106—Perez, Eld, p. Wadswoth, 0:59. 113—Silvey, Eld, p. Salas, 0:30. 120—Gurro, Chap, d. Rodriguez, 15-1. 126—Valenzulez, Eld, p. Freeriantho, 1:31. 132—Dodge, Eld, d. Luciano, 18-3. 138—not available. 145—Price, Eld, d. Briane, 17-1. 152—Brewer, Eld, p. Lava, 1:27. 160—Koc, Eld, p. Davis, 0:48. 170—Smith, Eld, d. Lestange, 21-6. 182—Harris, Eld, p. Skeus, 1:40. 195—Rubio, Eld, won by forfeit. 220—Flight, Eld, won by forfeit. 285—Williams, Eld,  p. Hernandez, 0:38.
Liberty 47, Basic 24
106—Gomez, Bas, p. Boccadaro, 0:39. 113—Martinez, Lib, won by forfeit. 120—Sanchez, Lib, d. Thompson, 11-1. 126—Roper, Lib, d. Stamey, 10-0. 132—Balden, Lib, won by forfeit. 138—Peterson, Lib, d. Sepe, 10-4. 145—Kaulili, Lib, p. Gornavos, 1:10. 152—Bodenlos, Bas, p. Schultz, 1:37. 160—Kofford, Bas, p. Watanabe, 1:31. 170—Joseph, Lib, p. Contreras, 1:25. 182—Koryakos, Lib, won by forfeit. 195—Siwiec, Lib, p. Hernandez, 1:39. 220—Pretasky, Bas, d. J. Naea, 9-5. 285—Steinline, Bas, d. S. Naea, 10-7.
Liberty 68, Del Sol 9
106—Boccadaro, Lib, won by forfeit. 113—Martinez, Lib, won by forfeit. 120—Sanchez, Lib, p. Xiong, 1:40. 126—Roper, Lib, p. Gutierrez, 0:39. 132—Balden, Lib, p. Davis, 0:55. 138—Peterson, Lib, def. Handyside, 11-1. 145—Kaulili, Lib, p. Preciado-Barragan, 1:04. 152—Schultz, Lib, won by forfeit. 160—Wantanabe, Lib, p. Valdez, 1:37. 170—Joseph, Lib, def. Del-Rio, 15-2. 182—Koryakos, Lib, p. Miller, 1:59. 195—Siwiec, Lib, p. Rutterbush, 0:30. 220—Ortiz, DS, def. J. Naea, 8-6 (OT). 285—Nelson, DS, p. S. Naea, 1:33.