ROUNDUP: Gaels pin Warriors, Mountain Lions

Owen Lawrie, Tommy Field and Christian Jones each posted a pair of wins Tuesday to lead Bishop Gorman’s wrestling team to wins over Western and Sierra Vista.

The Gaels edged the Warriors 38-36, then topped the Mountain Lions 47-24.

Jones posted two first-period falls at 195 pounds. Lawrie (113) and Field (160) also had two pins for Gorman.

Gators roll to pair of wins
At Foothill, Green Valley rolled to a pair of wins, beating the host Falcons 69-9 and topping Del Sol 76-6.

Josh Temple (120), Zack Perry (132), David Hosey (170), James Byrne (182) and Sam McAloon (195) each had two pins for Green Valley.

Foothill won five matches by pin to top Del Sol 66-12 in the other match.

Grizzlies rout Diamondbacks, Trailblazers
At Durango, Kevin Wang (126) and Silvano Villanueva (285) each won two matches by pin to lead Spring Valley to a 75-0 win over Desert Oasis and a 64-9 win over Durango.

Wang earned pins in 53 seconds and 3 minutes, 14 seconds, and Villanueva added pins in 2:22 and 2:35 for the Grizzlies.

Teven Mayo (132), Jordan Conner (138) and Churchill Rochester (182) also won two contested matches each for Spring Valley.

Durango topped Desert Oasis 48-24 in the other dual.

Rodriguez leads Trojans to pair of victories
At Bonanza, Sergio Rodriguez (120) won twice by pin to lead Pahrump Valley to a 45-28 win over Bonanza and a 58-16 victory over Clark.

Bonanza defeated Clark 57-29 in the other dual.

Bonanza’s Josh Jackson (145), Cole White (160) and Spencer Stewart (195) each won twice by pin.

Bishop Gorman 38, Western 36
106—Gonzalez, Wes, won by forfeit. 113—Lawrie, BG, p. Vazquez, second period. 120—Kenny, BG, d. Scarpath, 17-1. 126—Bodarin, Wes, p. Mersch, third period. 132—Sealin, Wes, p. Solari, third period. 138—Pyle, BG, p. Martinez, first period. 145—Hooker, Wes, d. Wilhelm, 6-2. 152—Wilson, Wes, p. De La Calzada, second period. 160—Field, BG, p. Zeldya, first period. 170—Buchanan, Wes, d. Martinez, 9-3. 182—Auschwitz, BG, d. Lopez, 2-1. 195—Jones, BG, p. Bezzeri, first period. 220—Feliciano, Wes, p. Burton, first period. 285—Singer, BG, p. Panzeri, first period.

Bishop Gorman 47, Sierra Vista 24
106—Asucion, SV, won by forfeit. 113—Lawrie, BG, p. Slabaugh, first period. 120—Kenny, BG, d. Diones, 6-2. 126—Okazaki, SV, p. Mesch, second period. 132—Solari, BG, p. Soria, third period. 138—Lavasseur, SV, p. Pyle, third period. 145—Wilhelm, BG, p. Webb, third period. 152—Leavitt, SV, won by forfeit. 160—Field, BG, p. Lozano, second period. 170—Martinez, BG, won by forfeit. 182—Auschwitz, BG, d. Santana, 6-3. 195—Jones, BG, p. Miles, first period. 220—Burton, BG, d. Ratliff, 4-3. 285—Singer, BG, d. Jones, 5-1.

Bonanza 57, Clark 29
106—Will, Bon, won by forfeit. 113—Mondragon, Bon, p. Ramirez, 2:43. 120—Dunn, Bon, p. Tate, 2:50. 126—Warren, Cla, won by forfeit. 132—Johnson, Bon, p. Zifer, 2:29. 138—Truchard, Bon, won by forfeit. 145—Jackson, Bon, p. Alcarez, 1:04. 152—Montenegro, Bon, d. Yoder, 8-1. 160—White, Bon, p. Slatt, 4:04. 170—Zozaya, Cla, p. Shaw-Demeta, 1:12. 182—Hervis, Cla, p. Hinojos, 3:59. 195—Stewart, Bon, p. Ozaki, 1:57. 220—Rossman, Bon, p. Baires, 1:32. 285—Conteno, Cla, won by forfeit.

Durango 48, Desert Oasis 24
106—Casell, Dur, p. Wood, 0:58. 113—Cravon, DO, won by forfeit. 120—Penha, Dur, p. Amos, 1:58. 126—Garcia-Duran, Dur, p. Thomas, 3:44. 132—Lozoya, Dur, p. Irenze, 1:31. 138—Smith, Dur, p. Tate, 1:51. 145—Becker, DO, won by forfeit. 152—double forfeit. 160—Reddick, DO, won by forfeit. 170—Rennie, Dur, won by forfeit. 182—Mendez, Dur, d. Carino, 5-4. 195—Barnes, DO, won by forfeit. 220—Medina, Dur, p. Levy, 1:11. 285—Mendoza, Dur, d. Sanchez, 12-8.

Foothill 66, Del Sol 12
106—Ortega, FH, won by forfeit. 113—Sinett, FH, won by forfeit. 120—Burton, FH, p. Xiong, 1:04. 126—Rios, FH, p. Gutierrez, 0:49. 132—Thomas, FH, p. Dvis, 4:40. 138—Handuskie, DS, p. Salazar, 3:16. 145—Meritt, FH, won by forfeit. 152—Harris, FH, won by forfeit. 160—Kielty, FH, d. Valdez, 11-8. 170—Untaian, DS, p. Sinclair, 3:40. 182—Holdren, FH, d. Miller, 10-4. 195—Ozuna, FH, p. Rutterbush, 3:00. 220—Stigger, FH, won by forfeit. 285—Vance, FH, p. Nelson, 3:29.

Green Valley 76, Del Sol 6
106—Cannon, Gv, won by forfeit. 113—Brathor, GV, won by forfeit. 120—Temple, GV, p. Xiong, 0:40. 126—Watson, GV, p. Gutierrez, 1:35. 132—Perry, GV, p. Davis, 1:36. 138—Razo, GV, d. Handuskie, 10-2. 145—Church, GV, won by forfeit. 152—Peek, GV, won by forfeit. 160—Newman, GV, p. Valdez, 1:32. 170—Hosey, GV, p. Untaian, 5:41. 182—Bryne, GV, p. Miller, 0:42. 195—McAloon, GV, p. Rutterbush, 2:55. 220—Gross, GV, won by forfeit. 285—Nelson, DS, forfeit.

Green Valley 69, Foothill 9
106—Cannon, GV, p. Ortega, 1:55. 113—Brathor, GV, won by forfeit. 120—Temple, GV, p. Burton, 1:27. 126—Watson, GV, d. Rios, 13-3. 132—Perry, GV, p. Thomas, 2:12. 138—Razo, Gv, d. Bench, inj. def.. 145—Church, GV, p. Meritt, 1:53. 152—Peek, GV, p. Harris, 3:14. 160—Newman, GV, d. Kielty, 16-1. 170—Hosey, GV, p. Sinclair, 0:50. 182—Bryne, GV, p. Holdren, 2:27. 195—McAloon, GV, p. Ozuna, 0:58. 220—Stigger, FH, d. Gross, 10-4. 285—Vance, FH, won by forfeit.

Pahrump Valley 45, Bonanza 28
106—Orchard, Bon, d. Grundacker, 9-6. 113—Hernandez, PV, p. Mondragon, 2:33. 120—Rodriguez, PV, p. Dunn, 2:29. 126—Morian, PV, won by forfeit. 132—Nauck, PV, d. Johnson, 8-7. 138—Truchard, Bon, d. Martinez, 6-2. 145—Jackson, Bon, p. McCormick, 1:24. 152—Montenegro, Bon, d. Dean, 14-0. 160—White, Bon, p. Williams, 1:46. 170—Mitchell, PV, p. Shaw-Demeta, 1:55. 182—Jax. Clayton, PV, p. Hinojos, 1:49. 195—Stewart, Bon, p. Jac. Clayton, 1:40. 220—Ky. Daffer, PV, p. Rossman, 1:54. 285—Ko. Daffer, PV, won by forfeit.

Pahrump Valley 58, Clark 16
106—Grundacker, PV, won by forfeit. 113—Hernandez, PV, d. Hturo, 14-5. 120—Rodriguez, PV, p. Tate, first period. 126—Nauck, PV, p. Warren, 0:26. 132—Hughes, PV, p. Zifer, 1:03. 138—Martinez, PV, won by forfeit. 145—McCormick, PV, p. Alcarez, 4:52. 152—Yoder, Cla, d. Dean, 11-3. 160—Slatt, Cla, , d. Williams, 8-4. 170—Mitchell, PV, d. Zozaya, 9-0. 182—Hervis, Cla, d. Jax. Clayton, 9-4. 195—Jac. Clayton, PV, p. Ozaki, 1:28. 220—Baires, Cla, p. Ky. Daffer, 1:31. 285—Ko. Daffer, PV, p. Conteno, 1:29.

Sierra Vista 39, Western 27
106—Asucion, SV, d. Gonzalez, 10-2. 113—Slabaugh, SV, p. Vazquez, first period. 120—Diones, SV, p. Scarpath, first period. 126—Bodarin, Wes, d. Okazaki, 9-8. 132—Soria, SV, d. Sealin, 2-1. 138—Lavasseur, SV, p. Martinez, first period. 145—Webb, SV, d. Hooker, 2-1. 152—Leavitt, SV, d. Wilson, 7-6. 160—Zeldya, Wes, p. Lozano, second period. 170—Buchanan, Wes, won by forfeit. 182—Lopez, Wes, p. Santana, second period. 195—Miles, SV, p. Bezzeri, first period. 220—Feliciano, Wes, p. Ratliff, first period. 285—Jones, SV, d. Panzeri, 9-5.

Spring Valley 75, Desert Oasis 0
106—Diaz, SV, won by forfeit. 113—Perez, SV, p. Cravin, 2:22. 120—Tapia, SV, p. Amos. 126—Wang, SV, p. Thomas, 0:53. 132—Mayo, SV, p. Irenze, 1:23. 138—Conner, SV, p. Tate, 1:51. 145—Van Tassel, SV, p. Becker, 1:19. 152—Santos, SV, won by forfeit. 160—Waters, SV, p. Reddick, 4:22. 170—double forfeit. 182—Rochester, SV, d. Carino, 9-3. 195—Tru, SV, p. Barnes, 1:40. 220—Dishari, SV, won by forfeit. 285—Villanueva, SV, p. Sanchez, 2:22.

Spring Valley 64, Durango 9
106—Caswell, Dur, p. Diaz, 3:48. 113—Perez, SV, won by forfeit. 120—Penha, Dur, d. Tapia, 14-11. 126—Wang, SV, p. Garcia-Duran, 3:14. 132—Mayo, SV, d. Lozoya, 15-3. 138—Conner, SV, d. Smith, 6-4. 145—Van Tassel, SV, won by forfeit. 152—Santos, SV, won by forfeit. 160—Obilor, SV, won by forfeit. 170—Waters, SV, won by forfeit. 182—Rochester, SV, d. Mendez, 6-2. 195—Tru, SV, won by forfeit. 220—Dishari, SV, p. Medina, 1:34. 285—Villanueva, SV, p. Mendoza, 2:35.