ROUNDUP: Claytons pins push Pahrump Valley past Mojave

Jace and Jaxon Clayton combined to wrestle for just 22 seconds Wednesday night against Western.

It was enough for them to record two pins and lead Pahrump Valley to a 39-27 win over the Warriors at Mojave.

Jaxon Clayton earned a pin in six seconds at 195 pounds, and Jace Clayton pinned his opponent in 16 seconds at 220 to lead the Trojans.

Pahrump also got pins from Nick Nelson (120), Levin Gunnacker (113) and Jake Paus (182).

Both Claytons won by pin earlier in the night as the Trojans defeated Mojave, 66-16.

Jace Clayon needed just 12 seconds in that match. Jaxon won by fall in 3:28.

Nelson, Samuel Gomez (126), Matt Hughes, (132), Jessy Richardson (145), Scott Maughan (160) and Dilyn Vargas (170) added pins for Pahrump.

Western defeated Mojave 54-30 in the other match.

Alex Richardson (126), Aaron Cook (145), Jamal Hooker (152), Jerral Hooker (160), Carl Trantham (170) and Brandon Panzeri (285) recorded falls for the Warriors.

Centennial 64, Bonanza 16 — At Centennial, Bruno Maraccini (126) and Billy Cobler (145) each pinned his opponent in 46 seconds to help the Bulldogs rout the Bengals.

John Endo (152), Hunter Brown (182), Chase Barber (195), Jerry Arroyo (220) and Jordan Karst (285) also won by pin for Centennial.

Cimarron-Memorial 62, Desert Oasis 15 — At Cimarron, Angel Laurente needed only 31 seconds to pin his opponent at 126 pounds and help the Spartans down the Diamondbacks.

Jesse Saavedra (113), Logan Marks (132), Arram Price (145), Donovan Dykes (152), Paul Hammontree (160) and Jesse Ramos (195) each won by pin for Cimarron.

Coronado 52, Basic 15 — At Coronado, the Cougars recorded six pins, including four in the first period, on the way to the win over Basic.

Mack Murphy won by fall in just 30 seconds at 220 to lead Coronado, which also got pins from Roman Giordano (106), Jorden Robinson (145), Dustin Ito (152), Evan Cooper (160) and Jordan Yumanovic (195).

Basic’s Nick Thompson won by pin in 53 seconds at 120.

Basic 54, Del Sol 25 — At Coronado, Bryce Sepe won by pin in 17 seconds and 138 to lead the Wolves over the Dragons.

Blake Dennett (106), Thompson (120), Robert Stamey (126), Jesse Hernandez (132), Jesse Plaff (182), Nathaniel May (220) and Jotasem Funaki (285) also recorded pins for Basic.

Coronado 51, Del Sol 21 — At Coronado, Christopher Raney recorded a pin in 39 seconds to win the 132-pound match and propel the Cougars past the Dragons.

Coronado’s Joshua Thomas (138) pinned his opponent in 48 seconds.

Clark 51, Cheyenne 29  — At Faith Lutheran, Nicolas Yeh (132), Jesse Serge (182) and Edwin Centeno (220) recorded pins to lead the Chargers over the Desert Shields.

Clark also won five matches by forfeit.

Clark 48, Faith Lutheran 24 — At Faith Lutheran, Centeno won by fall in 34 seconds to lead the Chargers over the Crusaders.

Ivan Maye-DeAnda (113), Nathaniel Tate (120), Yeh (132), Joshua Godman (160) and Michael Hervis (195) also had pins for Clark.

Cheyenne 48, Faith Lutheran 27 — At Faith Lutheran, the Desert Shields earned five first-period pins en route to the win.

Chase Mikesell (106), Jazmine Moore (113), Jason Arnold (120), Mitchell Vellinga (132), Daniel Serpish (145), Guillermo Prieto (220) and Victor Magana (285) had pins for Cheyenne.

Gators sweep two matches

At Green Valley, Alex Watson won both his matches at 126 by pin and David Hosey won twice by pin at 170 to help the Gators win both their matches, beating the Wildcats 62-12 and besting the Skyhawks 74-6.

Las Vegas High's Alex Aniciete won both of his matches at 152, one by pin and one by a 24-5 decision, and the Wildcats beat Silverado, 62-15.

Liberty wins a pair

At Liberty, Michael Siwiec (195) earned a pair of first-period pins to help the Patriots to victories over Foothill (56-17) and Eldorado (59-20).

Michael Martinez (120), Michael Sanchez (126), Storm Roper (145) and  Conner Watanabe (171) also had a pair of pins for Liberty

Basic 54, Del Sol 25
106—Dennett, Bas, p. Monroy, 5:40. 113—Xiong, DS, won by forfeit. 120—Thompson, Bas, p. Wallace, 1:16. 126—Stamey, Bas, p. Marcos, 0:30. 132—J. Hernandez, Bas, p. Davis, 3:30. 138—Sepe, Bas, p. Ayala, 0:17. 145—Dancy, Bas, won by forfeit. 152—Perez, DS, d. Granados, 3-1. 160—Valdez, DS, p. Galus, 1:20. 170—Wallace, DS, won by forfeit. 182—Plaff, Bas, p. Culajay, 4:23. 195—Miller, DS, d. K. Hernandez, 14-1. 220—May, Bas, p. Rutterbush, 0:28. 285—Funaki, Bas, p. Rodriguez, 1:59.

Centennial 64, Bonanza 16
106—Paez, Cen, won by forfeit. 113—Orchard, Bon, won by forfeit. 120—Santana, Cen, won by forfeit. 126—Maraccini, Cen, p. Fisher, 0:46. 132—R. Cobler, Cen, won by forfeit. 138—A. Johnson, Bon, d. Navarro, 12-4. 145—B. Cobler, Cen, p. Littlefield, 0:46. 152—Endo, Cen, p. Paar, 1:07. 160—White, Bon, p. Hui, 1:32. 170—Richardson, Cen, d. Montenegro, 13-6. 182—Brown, Cen, p. J. Johnson, 3:18. 195—Barber, Cen, p. Stewart, 1:32. 220—Arroyo, Cen, p. Rossman, 1:59. 285—Karst, Cen, p. Bruce, 0:45.

Cheyenne 48, Faith Lutheran 27
106—Mikesell, Chey, p. Weiss, 0:49. 113—Moore, Chey, p. May, 2:13. 120—Arnold, Chey, p. Magalinden, 0:30. 126—Donnelly, FL, won by forfeit. 132—Vellinga, Chey, p. Martinez, 3:03. 138—Lawson, Chey, won by forfeit. 145—Serpish, Chey, p. Callan, 1:15. 152—double forfeit. 160—Hong, FL, p. Schuler, 1:15. 170—Scott, FL, p. Reed, 0:12. 182—B. Flandermeyer, FL, d. Carmona, 7-6, 2OT. 195—Solis, FL, p. Symon, 1:24. 220—Prieto, Chey, p. Kenny, 0:32. 285—Magana, Chey, p. Wolfe, 0:42.

Cimarron-Memorial 62, Desert Oasis 15
106—Chamanzad, Cim, d. Ja. Reddick, 15-0. 113—Je. Saavedra, Cim, p. Wood, 1:45. 120—Bagnoli, Cim, d. Fuentes, 9-6. 126—Laurente, Cim, p. Craven, 0:31. 132—Marks, Cim, p. Aiad, 2:34. 138—Thomas, Cim, won by forfeit. 145—Price, Cim, p. Cavazos, 4:44. 152—Dykes, Cim, p. Irenze, 4:13. 160—Hammontree, Cim, p. Tyler, 2:52. 170—Jo. Reddick, DO, d. Taylor, 10-3. 182—Austin, DO, p. Fletcher, 1:34. 195—Ramos, Cim, p. Fong, 3:35. 220—Knipp, DO, on by forfeit. 285—Sinyard, Cim, won by forfeit.

Clark 51, Cheyenne 29
106—Mikesell, Chey, d. Peppers, 17-2. 113—Maye-DeAnda, Cla, won by forfeit. 120—Arnold, Chey, p. Tate, 1:15. 126—Zozoya, Cla, won by forfeit. 132—Yeh, Cla, p. Vellinga, 0:39. 138—Gullick, Cla, won by forfeit. 145—Serpish, Chey, p. Banuelos, 1:30. 152—Schuler, Chey, won by forfeit. 160—Godman, Cla, won by forfeit. 170—Stewart, Cla, won by forfeit. 182—Serge, Cla, d. Carmona, 3-2. 195—Hervis, Cla, won by forfeit. 220—Centeno, Cla, p. Prieto, 1:40. 285—Magana, Chey, won by forfeit.

Clark 48, Faith Lutheran 24
106—Peppers, Cla, won by forfeit. 113—Maye-DeAnda, Cla, p. May, 5:32. 120—Tate, Cla, p. Magalinden, 0:18. 126—Donnelly, FL, d., Zozoya, 7-0. 132—Yeh, Cla, p. Martinez, 1:59. 138—Gullick, Cla, won by forfeit. 145—Callan, FL, d. Banuelos, 5-4. 152—double forfeit. 160—Godman, Cla, p. Juntilla, 4:31. 170—Scott, FL, p. Stewart, 1:05. 182—B. Flandermeyer, FL, p. Serge, 3:53. 195—Hervis, Cla, p. Solis, 1:56. 220—Centeno, Cla, p. Kenny, 0:34. 285—Wolfe, FL, p. Ozaki, 3:35.
Coronado 52, Basic 15
106—R. Giordano p. Dennett, 4:23. 113—double forfeit. 120—Thompson, Bas, p. Polish, 0:53. 126—Blanco, Cor, d. Stamey, 12-6. 132—Raney, Cor, d. Hernandez, 11-7. 138—Sepe, Bas, d. Thomas, 4-3. 145—Jo. Robinson, Cor, p. Dancy, 5:06. 152—Ito, Cor, p. Granados, 0:47. 160—Cooper, Cor, p. Galus, 1:40. 170—Gardener, Cor, won by forfeit. 182—Harris, Cor, d. Plaff, 13-4. 195—Yumanovic, Cor, p. K. Hernandez, 1:21. 220—Murphy, Cor, p. May, 0:30. 285—Funaki, Bas, won by forfeit.

Coronado 51, Del Sol 21
106—Giordano, C, p. Monroy, 1:10. 113—Xiong, DS, won by forfeit. 120—Polish, C, p. Wallace, 4:53. 126—Blanco, C, p. Marcos, 2:26. 132—Raney, C, p. Davis, 0:39. 138—Thomas, C, p. Ayala, 0:48 . 145—Robinson, C, won by forfeit. 152—Perez, DS, d. Ito, 13-5. 160—Cooper, C, p. Valdez, 1:52. 170—Wallace, DS, p. Gardner, 3:20. 182—Harris, C, d. Culajay, 6-0. 195—Miller, DS, p. Yurmanovic, 2:33. 220—Murphy, C, p. Rutterbush, 1:21. 285—Rodriguez, DS, won by forfeit.
Green Valley 74, Silverado 6
106—Delrosario, GV, p. Borla 1:04. 113—Cannon, GV, won by forfeit. 120—Temple, GV, won by forfeit. 126—A. Watson, GV, p. Bonifacio :47. 132—S. Watson, GV, p. Bowman 2:30. 138—Razo, GV, d. Aragon 9-1. 145—Perry, GV, won by forfeit. 152—Brewer, GV, won by forfeit. 160—Peek, GV, p. Thomson 1:26. 170—Hosey, GV, p. Cichoski 1:13. 182—Newman, GV, won by forfeit. 195—Contorelli, S, p. Gardner 2:54. 220—McAloon, GV, won by forfeit. 285—Nielson, GV, d. Gutierrez 10-2.

Green Valley 62, Las Vegas 12
106—Delrosario, GV, d. Caday 9-7. 113—Cannon, GV, won by forfeit. 120—Temple, GV, p. Perez 1:21. 126—A. Watson, GV, p. Ponn 1:52. 132—S. Watson, GV, d. Stewart 9-1. 138—Razo, GV, d. Keller 3-2, 2 OT. 145—Perry, GV, p. Zernouni 2:51. 152—Anicete, LV, p. Brewer 5:27. 160—Peek, GV, d. Littlefield 11-2. 170—Hosey, GV, p. Anderson :25. 182—Newman, GV, p. Morales :44. 195—Gardner, GV, won by forfeit. 220—McAloon, GV, p. Lara 1:00. 285—Evans, LV, p. Nielson 1:35.
Las Vegas 62, Silverado 15
106—Caday, Lv, p. Borla 1:13. 113—Reyes, S, won by forfeit. 120—Cipriano, LV, won by forfeit. 126—Sanchez, Lv, p. Bonifacio 4:15. 132—Bowman, S, d. Stewart 5-2. 138—Keller, Lv, d. Avagon 4-1. 145—Sanchez, LV, won by forfeit. 152—Anicete, LV, d. Viggiano 24-5. 160—Littlefield, LV, p. Thomson 5:55. 170—Anderson, LV, p. Cichoski 3:54. 182—Castaneda, LV, won by forfeit. 195—Contorelli, S, won by forfeit. 220—Lara, LV, won by forfeit. 285—Evans, LV, p. Gutierrez 3:58.
Pahrump Valley 66, Mojave 16
106—Evangelista, Moj, d. Alcaraz, 18-5. 113—Gunnacker, PV, d. Ruiz, 6-4. 120—Nelson, PV, p. Delgado, 2:19. 126—Gomez, PV, p. Moreno, 3:13. 132—Hughes, PV, p. Champ, 1:48. 138—Chaidez, Moj, p. McCormick, 5:25. 145—Richardson, PV, p. Corona, 5:51. 152—Calloway, Moj, p. Vega, 5:09. 160—Maughan, PV, p. Saravia, 0:40. 170—Vargas, PV, p. Navarrette, 3:55. 182—Paus, PV, won by forfeit. 195—Jax. Clayton, PV, p. Keron White, 3:28. 220—Jac. Clayton, PV, p. Pagarigan, 0:12. 285—Daffer, PV, p. Rangel, 2:15.
Pahrump Valley 39, Western 27
106—Gonzalez, Wes, d. Alcarez, 9-8. 113—Gunnacker, PV, p. Vasquez, 2:43. 120—Nelson, PV, p. Hernandez, 0:42. 126—Richardson, Wes, d. Gomez, 6-4. 132—Hughes, PV, d. Rayo, 15-3. 138—McCormick, PV, d. Lopez, 8-6. 145—Cook, Wes, p. Richardson. 152—Ja. Hooker, Wes, p. Vega, 2:21. 160—Je. Hooker, Wes, p. Maughan. 170—Trantham, Wes, p. Vargas, 0:33. 182—Paus, PV, p. Patida, 1:27. 195—Jax. Clayton, p. Deleon, 0:06. 220—Jac. Clayton, PV, p. Ceja, 0:16. 285—Panzeri, Wes, p. Daffer, 0:46.
Virgin Valley 55, Moapa Valley 18
106—Crandall, VV, p. Spencer, 2:00. 113—Williams, VV, p. Griffith, 0:59. 120—Dominguez, VV, d. Z. Baldwin, 15-1. 126—Gonzalez, VV, p. D. Baldwin, 1:17. 132—Woods, VV, p. Bateman, 1:37. 138—Browning, VV, p. Deal, 1:30. 145—Anderson, VV, d. Bodily, 10-4. 152—Smith, VV, p. Sprague, 1:29. 160—Repp, MV won by forfeit. 170—Millington, MV, won by forfeit. 182—Boren, MV, won by forfeit. 195—double forfeit. 220—Walther, VV, p. Mortensen, 0:19. 285—Beaumont, VV, p. O’Toole, 1:56.
Western 54, Mojave 30
106—Gonzalez, Wes, d. Evangelista, 16-6. 113—Ruiz, Moj, d. Vasquez, 19-8. 120—Delgado, Moj, p. Hernandez, 1:45. 126—Richardson, Wes, p. Moreno, 3:46. 132—Champ, Moj, won by forfeit. 138—Lopez, Wes, d. Chaidez, 14-0. 145—Cook, Wes, p. Corona, 2:53. 152—Ja. Hooker, Wes, p. Calloway, 3:33. 160—Je. Hooker, Wes, p. Saravia, 5:17. 170—Trantham, Wes, p. Navarrette, 1:08. 182—Partida, Wes, won by forfeit. 195—White, Moj, p. Ceja, 5:07. 220—Pagarigan, Moj, p. Deleon 1:21. 285—Panzeri, Wes, p. Rangel, 1:26.
Liberty 56, Foothill 17
106—Ortega, FH, d. Knopow, Lib, tech fall. 113—Bates, Lib, p. Lizares, 2:26. 120—Martinez, Lib, p. Sinnett, 2:34. 126—Sanchez, Lib, p. burton, 2:34. 132—Ricci, Lib, d. Rios, tech fall. 138—Pope, Lib, p. Gomez, 4:49. 145—Roper, Lib, p. Spatafore, 0:58. 152—Graham, Lib, p. Thomas, 2:10. 160—Schultz, Lib, d. Kielty, 11-2. 170—Watanabe, Lib, p. Sinclair, 3:23. 182—Ja. Ozuna, FH, p. Cedilo, 0:59. 195—Siwiec, Lib, p. Jo. Ozuna, 1:14. 220—Ayala, FH, won by forfeit. 285—Reid, FH, p. Monterde, 1:30.

Liberty 59, Eldorado 20
106—Knopow, Lib, won by forfeit. 113—T. Perez, Eld, d. Bates, tech fall. 120—Martinez, Lib, p. L. Perez, 0:39. 126—Sanchez, Lib, p. Wright, 1:38. 132—Ricci, Lib, p. Rodriguez, 2:21. 138—Pope, Lib, d. Valenzuela, tech fall. 145—Roper, Lib, p. Hight, 3:41. 152—Graham, Lib, won by forfeit. 160—Schultz, Lib, p. Coc, 3:24. 170—Watanabe, Lib, p. Montero, 1:08. 182—Tre’Quis Harris, Eld, d. Cedilo, 12-6. 195—Siwiec, Lib, p. Torres, 1:00. 220—Villarreal, Eld, won by forfeit. 285—Dennis, Eld, p. Monterde, 4:45.