Burton, Ayala pins pace Foothill in wins

Avery Burton recorded three pins at 126 pounds, and teammate Jacob Ayala had three pins at 220 to help Foothill’s wrestling team win three home matches Wednesday.

The Falcons were 53-28 winners over Durango, 42-30 winners over Rancho and 50-21 winners against Desert Oasis.

Brandon Rios went 3-0 at 132 pounds for Foothill, winning once by pin and twice by decision.

Rancho was a 45-27 winner over Desert Oasis and beat Durango, 48-36. Desert Oasis defeated Durango, 58-22.

Rancho’s Kyle Penalosa (103), Artemio Zepeda (120) and Tommy Perkins (145) each went 3-0.

The Diamondbacks’ Johnmark Reddick (170) and Carlos Fong (190) each went 3-0.

Durango’s Artie Gallegos (138) and Gene Germain (285) were 3-0.

Desert Oasis 58, Durango 22
106—Reddick, DO, won by forfeit. 113—Caswell, Dur, p. Manago. 120—Gurule-Lovato, DO, won by forfeit. 126—Krydn, Dur, d. Fuentez, 14-3. 132—Craven, DO, p. Nava. 138—Gallegos, Dur, p. Amos. 145—Cavazos, DO, p. Ortiz. 152—Fitzpatrick, Dur, won by forfeit. 160—Irenze, DO, p. Zalazar. 170—Jo. Reddick, DO, won by forfeit. 182—Ausel, Dur, p. Austin. 195—Fong, DO, d. Rennie, 1-0. 220—Boblett, DO, p. Colbert. 285—Germain, Dur, won by forfeit.
Foothill 42, Rancho 30
106—Penalosa, Ran, p. Lizares, 2nd per. 113—Ortega, FH, p. Virrueta, 3rd per. 120—Zepeda, Ran, p. Sinnett, 1st per. 126—Burton, FH, p. Zaragoza, 1st per. 132—Rios, FH, d. Moncayo, 11-9, OT. 138—Gomez, FH, d. Rojas, 11-3. 145—Perkins, Ran, p. Thomas, 2nd per. 152—Garcia, Ran, d. Merritt, 9-3. 160—Reavy, FH, p. Hurtado, 2nd per. 170—Flores, Ran, d. Kielty, 14-0. 182—Gomez, Ran, p. Ja. Ozuna, 2nd per. 195—Jo. Ozuna, FH, won by forfeit. 220—Ayala, FH, p. Sillas, 1st, per. 285—Reid, FH, p. Cooper, 1st per.
Foothill 50, Desert Oasis 21
106—Lizares, FH, p. Ja. Reddick, 1st per. 113—Ortega, FH, d. Manago, 16-1. 120—Gurule-Lovato, DO, p. Sinnett, 1st per. 126—Burton, FH, p. Fuentez, 1st per. 132—Rios, FH, d. Cravin, 11-8. 138—Gomez, FH, p. Amos, 1st per. 145—Cavazos, DO, p. Thomas, 3rd per. 152—Merritt, FH, p. Fitzpatrick, 1st per. 160—Irenze, DO, d. Reavy, 12-9. 170—Jo. Reddick, DO, d. Kielty, 10-1. 182—Ja. Ozuna, p. Austin, 1st per. 195—Fung, DO, d. Jo. Ozuna, 6-3. 220—Ayala, FH, p. Boblett, 1st per. 285—Reid, FH, won by forfeit.
Foothill 53, Durango 28
106—Lizares, FH, won by forfeit. 113—Caswell, Dur, p. Ortega, 3rd per. 120—Sinnett, FH, won by forfeit. 126—Burton, FH, p. Krar, 1st, per. 132—Rios, FH, p. Nava, 3rd per. 138—Gallegos, Dur, d. Gomez, 13-4. 145—Thomas, FH, d. L. Ortiz, 16-1. 152—Merritt, FH, won by forfeit. 160—Reavy, FH, p. Zalazar, 1st per.. 170—Kielty, FH, won by forfeit. 182—Rennie, Dur, won by forfeit. 195—A. Ortiz, Dur, p. Ja. Ozuna, 2nd per. 220—Ayala, FH, p. Colbert, 1st per. 285—Germain, Dur, p. Reid, 1st per.
Rancho 45, Desert Oasis 27
106—Penalosa, Ran, p. Ja. Reddick. 113—Virrueta, Ran, p. Manago. 120—Zepeda, Ran, p. Gurule-Lovato. 126—Fuentez, DO, d. Zaragoza, 8-6. 132—Moncayo, Ran, p. Cravin. 138—Amos, DO, p. Rojas. 145—Perkins, Ran, p. Cavazos. 152—Fitzpatrick, DO, p. Garcia. 160—Hurtado, Ran, p. Irenze. 170—Jo. Reddick, DO, d. Flores, 8-6. 182—Gomez, Ran, d. Austin, 12-5. 195—Fong, DO, won by forfeit. 220—Boblett, DO, p. Sillas. 285—Cooper, Ran, won by forfeit.