Dude! I’ll take a perfect record every week

My picks were downright awesome. I’ll take a 7-0 record every week. That’s like 100 percent, and it would shock my math teacher at — oops, almost blew my identity — that I figured that out.

But why did I pick the Canyon Springs-Spring Valley game to be my first to attend for nevadapreps.com?

The teams were there. So were the cheerleaders (Dude, I love the cheerleaders). Even some fans showed up.

But no officials. Go figure.

Someone screwed up, and none were assigned. (You can read all about it on nevadapreps.com.)

But, dude, it was the first time I’ve been to a scheduled football game when the refs never blew a call.

So if all the refs show up tonight, here’s what’s going to happen:

Centennial at Green Valley — Two perfect teams, at least for one week. Centennial comes in off a pretty solid thrashing of Durango. Centennial quarterback Chris Henderson threw for two touchdowns in that game. Green Valley squeaked by Bonanza. Centennial will finish as high as third in the Northwest behind Palo Verde and Cheyenne. Centennial by 10.

Legacy at Bonanza —
I wasn’t expecting much of a game until Legacy beat up a usually strong Galena team Saturday in Reno. But that puts the Longhorns on a short week. No doubt the coaches kept their heads on the pigskin. Poor pigs. Bonanza played like the smell of a rotten pig at times in a one-point loss to Green Valley. A close game tonight, but Legacy becomes a legacy by going 2-0 for the first time in school history — and history around here is measured in years not decades. Legacy by 4.

Spring Valley at Desert Pines —
Note from Spring Valley to school officials: Make sure the zebras are let out of their stalls and we have refs tonight. This is the unofficial season opener for Spring Valley after last week’s no-ref deal. The Grizzlies have a new coach and now probably have an angry attitude like a grizzly. Desert Pines usually is one of the better Northeast League teams (but that’s not saying much). Spring Valley by 5.

Del Sol at Chaparral —
Del Sol is coming off a good season, and some doubt the Dragons can do it again. They smoked Valley last week with a solid defense and an offense that scored 54 points — about as many chicks as I tried to pick up at the mall Sunday. Chaparral did something called Midnight Madness practice on the first day of legal practices. Don’t they have a curfew? It might have built unity, but so would a win. Maybe next week. Del Sol by 12.

Western at Cheyenne — Cheyenne running back Marcus Sullivan touched the ball 10 times and had five touchdowns and a 2-point conversion. He rushed for three scores and caught Cheyenne’s only two completions — for touchdowns of 33 and 90 yards. Another week like that and he’ll be having his mail from college coaches forwarded to the end zone. The Desert Shields finally are senior-laden team with 10 starters back on each side of the ball. Western was off last week, and the Warriors’ coaches were at the Cheyenne game to scout. Western’s only chance of not getting blown out is if the refs don’t show up — and what are the odds of that happening? Cheyenne by 24.

Sierra Vista at Palo Verde — This pick comes from a distant Chinese cousin. She’s only 3 but is expected to be on her country’s gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She looks old for her age and said that because last week Palo won by 56 and Sierra Vista lost by 44 that’s a 100-point swing. Palo Verde won’t score 100, but the only way it doesn’t get to 50 is if the refs are late and miss the first half. Chaz Thomas and Tyrone Blake were unstoppable for the Panthers. Sierra Vista started the season with 25 players and had at least four injured last week. Palo Verde coaches need to hold back. No excuse for embarrassing another team. Palo Verde by 42.

Desert Oasis at Pahrump Valley —
A win makes Pahrump 2-0. If you’re in the market for a well-played game with lots of skill, good tackling and crisp offense ... go to another game. Still, this could be exciting. Desert Oasis is just hoping for its first points of the year. A perfect start and we won’t complain if Pahrump Valley Times sports editor Don McDermott tries to tear down the goal posts. Pahrump by 6.

Hey, sports books guys, I’ll be 21 in a few years — or more — so if I stay hot, keep me in your dreams. Just like the babes do at the mall.