DIVISION I FOOTBALL AWARDS: Kalili bursts onto scene

Desert Oasis football coach Scott Staudinger only had to watch a couple of practices before he knew how special senior running back Jocquez Kalili could be. It didn’t take that much longer for Kalili to prove it to the rest of the Southwest League.

Kalili, playing for the first time since his freshman year in Texas, rushed for 1,633 yards and 23 touchdowns and was named the Offensive Most Valuable Player in the Southwest League by the coaches.

“It only took us about two days in fall camp,” Staudinger said. “He made a lot of guys miss and had a good run at practice, and we knew right then that we probably had something special going on.”

The 6-foot, 180-pound Kalili used his speed and quickness to rack up yards.

“(His strengths are) just his speed and his ability to find running lanes,” Staudinger said. “He’s as good as I’ve seen at stopping and getting back to full speed in about two steps. He’s very shifty, and can stop and go really fast.”

Kalili, the area’s leading rusher, said he hadn’t played since his freshman year because his family had moved around a lot. He showed little rust when given the chance to play this season. He rushed for 500 yards and 10 touchdowns in the first two games.

“I was surprised. It’s such a big difference between freshman ball and varsity football,” Staudinger said. “You’d think the speed of the game and the speed at which people come down to tackle you would affect you a little bit. He showed none of that.”

Legacy defensive back Casey Hughes, who helped the Longhorns hold opponents to seven points or less in four games, was the league’s Defensive MVP. Centennial’s Leon Evans was named Coach of the Year.

Palo Verde long has been a rushing team, but quarterback Parker Rost was named the Northwest League’s Offensive MVP this season. Rost has passed for 1,008 yards and 16 touchdowns with just two interceptions. The senior also has rushed for 239 yards and nine TDs. Rost’s father, Darwin, was named Coach of the Year after leading the Panthers to the league title.

Shadow Ridge’s J Henderson, who had 59 tackles, 6½ sacks and five interceptions, was named the Northwest’s Defensive MVP.

In the Northeast League, Green Valley took two of the top three honors after going undefeated in league play.

Quarterback Christian Lopez was named the Offensive MVP. Lopez has passed for 3,099 yards and 31 TDs entering Friday’s Sunrise Region title game against Liberty. Gators coach Brian Castro was named Coach of the Year.

Las Vegas High linebacker Jacob Littlefield was the Northeast’s Defensive MVP. Littlefield finished with 124 tackles, including 18 tackles for loss and seven sacks. He also intercepted two passes.

The Southeast League featured several strong offensive performers, but Basic’s Antraye Johnson and Liberty’s Tyler Newman proved to be the brightest stars, sharing the Offensive MVP award.

Johnson passed for 1,676 yards and 11 touchdowns and rushed for 1,205 yards and 13 scores. Newman leads the area in passing with 3,399 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Liberty defensive end Jarvis Polu, who has 41 tackles and five sacks, picked up the Southeast League Defensive MVP award.

Basic’s Jeff Cahill was named Southeast Coach of the Year.

Division I Honors

All-Northeast League

First Team Offense

QB–Christian Lopez, Green Valley. RB–Zaviontay Stevenson, Canyon Springs; Andrew Moreland, Las Vegas. FB–Alek Aragon, Silverado. WR–Markus Varner, Green Valley; Aaron Zanin-Banks, Las Vegas. ATH–Giovanni Hernandez, Green Valley. TE–Austin Hunt, Silverado. G–Carter Nielson, Green Valley; Justin Polu, Silverado. T–Tyrell Crosby, Green Valley; Mitchell Kissam, Silverado. KR–Moreland, Las Vegas. K–Conor Perkins, Green Valley.

First Team Defense

DE–Joe Jackson, Canyon Springs; Jacob Anderson, Las Vegas. DT–Dakota Pikyavit, Las Vegas; Billy Danford, Silverado; Jason Johnson-Kepoo, Valley. ILB–Jacob Littlefield, Las Vegas; Preston Tuika, Silverado. OLB–Angel Perez, Las Vegas; Broderick Burks, Silverado. CB–A.J. Cooper, Canyon Springs; Justin Taitague, Las Vegas. S–Raequan Bascombe, Canyon Springs; Zanin-Banks, Las Vegas. P–Moreland, Las Vegas.

Offensive MVP–Christian Lopez, Green Valley

Defensive MVP–Jacob Littlefield, Las Vegas

Coach of the Year–Brian Castro, Green Valley

Second Team Offense

QB–Bradley Alexander, Canyon Springs. RB–Albert Lake, Green Valley; Jarrett Alipio, Silverado. FB–Gregory Banks, Canyon Springs. WR–Jordan Davis, Canyon Springs; Kyler Chavez, Green Valley. ATH–Elias Miller, Las Vegas. TE–Demarrius Oliver, Valley. G–Andres Serrano, Canyon Springs; Frankie Valenzuela, Las Vegas. T–Melvin Johnson, Canyon Springs; Brandon Famous, Canyon Springs. KR–Stevenson, Canyon Springs. K–Elio Rodriguez, Canyon Springs.

Second Team Defense

DE–Chris Chester, Canyon Springs; Rohan Walters, Silverado. DT–Johnson, Canyon Springs; Crosby, Green Valley; McKay Timoteo, Green Valley.  ILB–Ezekial Lopez, Canyon Springs; David Berg, Green Valley. OLB–Isiah Carter, Canyon Springs; Marck Cassino, Canyon Springs. CB–Marcel Selmon, Canyon Springs; Mike Batiste, Valley. S–Larry Norman, Green Valley; Hernandez, Green Valley. P–Chavez, Green Valley.

All-Southeast League

First Team Offense

QB–Tyler Newman, Liberty. RB–Jon Scoffield, Basic; Calvin Tubbs, Liberty. FB–Alofania Tevaseu, Liberty. WR–David Persi, Foothill; Drew Hladek, Liberty. ATH–Antraye Johnson, Basic. TE–Bryce Broadwell, Foothill. C–Scott Hughes, Liberty. G–Edgar Cisneros, Eldorado; Daniel Noone, Liberty. T–Joshua Jurgensen, Coronado; Josh Bernard-Lee, Liberty. KR–Johnson, Basic. K–Austin Fitzgerald, Liberty.

First Team Defense

DE–Justin Belknap, Coronado; Jarvis Polu, Liberty. DT–Jackson Taylor, Coronado; Dylan Weasa, Foothill; Noah Jefferson, Liberty. ILB–Scoffield, Basic; Aaron Cotton, Coronado. OLB–Leo Delatorre, Del Sol; Ethan Tuilagi, Liberty. CB–Caleb Evans, Coronado; Vincent Modungo, Foothill. S–Pale Laulu, Basic; Jackson Cofer, Coronado. P–Cory Fisher, Foothill.

co-Offensive MVPs–Antraye Johnson, Basic; Tyler Newman, Liberty

Defensive MVP–Jarvis Polu, Liberty

Coach of the Year–Jeff Cahill, Basic

Second Team Offense

QB–Drew Doxtator, Foothill. RB–Austin Higgins, Del Sol; Brenan Adams, Liberty. FB–Victor Pierce, Del Sol. WR–Tanner Gorski, Coronado; J. Cofer, Coronado. ATH–J. Cofer, Coronado. TE–Jefferson, Liberty. C–Steven Lalli, Basic. G–Jacob Crawford, Basic; Alex Miller, Foothill. T–Jozef Misaalefua, Liberty; Sam Martin, Foothill. KR–Deseon McQuaig, Liberty. K–Fisher, Foothill.

Second Team Defense

DE–Aaron Bashaw, Basic; Fareti Tauaivale, Eldorado. DT–Metuisela Halaifonua, Basic; Luis Villarreal, Eldorado; John Groom, Liberty. ILB–DeAndre Taylor, Eldorado; Samson Monterde, Liberty. OLB–Chandler Kamai, Basic; Ta’Varea Shelton, Eldorado. CB–Matt Powell, Liberty; Alex Evans, Basic. S–Nick Ayala, Del Sol; Bryan Roland, Liberty. P–Delatorre, Del Sol.

All-Northwest League

First Team Offense

QB–Parker Rost, Palo Verde. RB–Anthony Smith, Arbor View; Cody Alfar, Shadow Ridge. FB–Sean Dennis, Palo Verde. WR–Caleb Booze, Durango; Octavius Payne, Sierra Vista. ATH–Salah Boyce, Arbor View. TE–Jake Ortale, Palo Verde. C–Kyle Crays, Arbor View. G–Josh Hamilton, Palo Verde; Jordan Larson, Shadow Ridge. T–Michael Hughes, Palo Verde; Griffin Kemp, Palo Verde. KR–Darrion Finn, Palo Verde. K–Caio Gadanha, Shadow Ridge.

First Team Defense

DE–Hamilton, Palo Verde; Kemp, Palo Verde. DT–Malik Noshi, Arbor View; Hughes, Palo Verde; Gerald Greene Shadow Ridge. ILB–Ricky Clark, Arbor View; Tyler Stevens, Spring Valley. OLB–Lonnie Sharpe, Arbor View; J Henderson, Shadow Ridge. CB–Jacob Speaks, Arbor View; Graeson Vereen, Palo Verde. S–Devon Turner, Arbor View; Calvin Beaulieu, Palo Verde. P–Zach Boyd, Arbor View.

Offensive MVP–Parker Rost, Palo Verde

Defensive MVP–J Henderson, Shadow Ridge

Coach of the Year–Darwin Rost, Palo Verde

Second Team Offense

QB–Dustin Puia, Shadow Ridge. RB–Herman Gray, Arbor View; Beaulieu, Palo Verde. FB–Turner, Arbor View. WR–Henderson, Shadow Ridge; Keyshawn Gammage, Shadow Ridge. ATH–Christian Tasi, Spring Valley. TE–Drazen Tojic, Spring Valley. C–Joseph Laurita, Palo Verde. G–Noshi, Arbor View; Jared Marez, Arbor View. T–Keenan King, Arbor View; Tra Forrest, Shadow Ridge. KR–Maurice Harvey, Arbor View. K–Boyd, Arbor View.

Second Team Defense

DE–Gage Motl, Arbor View; Matt Cataldi, Spring Valley. DT–Dylan Clifton, Spring Valley. ILB–Jared Campbell, Palo Verde; Kevin Malta, Sierra Vista. OLB–Boyce, Arbor View; Jake Ortale, Palo Verde. CB–C.J. Smith, Arbor View; Finn, Palo Verde. S–Dallas White, Palo Verde; Nick Patrick, Shadow Ridge. P–Paolo Ferrer, Spring Valley.

All-Southwest League

First Team Offense

QB–Randall Cunningham, Gorman. RB–Jocquez Kalili, Desert Oasis; Casey Hughes, Legacy. FB–Mason Davis, Legacy. WR–Terrance Chambers, Gorman; Maurice Bennett, Cimarron. ATH–Lantz Worthington, Centennial. TE–Alize Jones, Gorman. C–Zack Singer, Gorman. G–Jackson Perry, Gorman; Ethan Palelei, Gorman. T–Nick Gates, Gorman; Zach Lurgis, Legacy. KR–Jayveon Taylor, Bonanza. K–Zach Mays, Centennial.

First Team Defense

DE–Ryan Garrett, Gorman; Nieamiah Lane, Legacy. DT–Singer, Gorman; Noah Tialavea, Gorman, Lurgis, Legacy. ILB–Chris Lalli, Gorman; Toby Lopez, Centennial. OLB–Kenyan Coker, Gorman; Alvaro Sotelo, Legacy. CB–Jabari Butler, Gorman; DeMichael Walker, Legacy. S–Armand Perry, Gorman; Hughes, Legacy. P–Julian Castro, Legacy.

Offensive MVP–Jocquez Kalili, Desert Oasis

Defensive MVP–Casey Hughes, Legacy

Coach of the Year–Leon Evans, Centennial

Second Team Offense

QB–Devin Williams, Legacy. RB–Michael Barnson, Cimarron, Walker, Legacy. FB–Josh Gray, Centennial. WR–DeAndre Garcia, Bonanza; Gary Abdella, Desert Oasis. ATH–Daniel Stewart, Gorman. TE–Damion Robinson-Stallings, Legacy. C–Nathan Gifford, Centennial. G–Ryan Knipp, Desert Oasis; Eric Jones, Legacy. T–Tryson Mook, Gorman; Matt Sink, Legacy. K–Castro, Legacy.

Second Team Defense

DE–Michael Fletcher, Cimarron. DT–Tory Harris, Cimarron; Sink, Legacy; William Loyd, Legacy. ILB–Nela Otukolo, Gorman; Robinson-Stallings, Legacy. OLB–John Nelson, Cimarron; Wayne May, Cimarron. CB–Gene Haley, Centennial; Savigon McIver, Cimarron. S–Samuel Liaga, Centennial; Dallas Cervantes, Cimarron. P–Gage Wilson, Gorman.